Season 2
8 EPISODES • 2013
In Season 2, Frank juggles fatherhood to twins with his status as Norway's newest crime kingpin, which draws unwanted attention from British rivals.

Season 1


1: Millwall Brick
Oct 23, 2013
Torgeir's mishap with a moose and a Ferrari enrages a British thief; Frank is alarmed by his twins' proposed names; Jan makes a sweet business deal.
2: Out of Africa
Oct 30, 2013
Frank hires a new chef through his refugee center - an acquisition that catches Torgeirs attention in more ways than one. The death of Duncan Hammer attracts both the police and his brothers crew - bringing them closer to Torgeir and Frank.
3: Fiddler's Green
Nov 6, 2013
Frank attempts to resolve the English conflict with a bribe; Roar becomes the victim as the English plan their payback for Hammers death; The police get an interesting new applicant as Laila retires from her position as sheriff.
4: The Black Toe
Nov 13, 2013
A robbery in Oslo inadvertently reveals Franks identity to the Norwegian National Security; A business opportunity arises as local entrepreneurs seek to make an investment in the Flamingo; Torgeir gets acquainted with the new local sheriff.
5: The Island
Nov 20, 2013
Frank follows up on the Oslo robbery and recruits an old "friend" for help; Torgeir and Roars mother returns to Norway with a new man; Jan runs into some relationship troubles on his birthday.
6: Special Education
Nov 27, 2013
Stanley's proposal to Torgeir's mother ends badly for all parties; Frank finally catches up with the Oslo thieves and retrieves his documents; After the refugee center shuts, Jan makes a grave mistake; Franks history still remains a threat.
7: The Freezer
Dec 4, 2013
After acquiring a herd of reindeer, Frank gets the idea to start racing them; Delucci finds out that Robby covered for Frank, so Robby plans to have Delucci dethroned; Jans actions come back to haunt him and decides to seek asylum in Iraq.
8: Ghosts
Dec 11, 2013
Frank goes back to NY to settle things with Aldo, with two unsuspected local friends.
Season 3
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