Season 3
8 EPISODES • 2014
Season 3 rings in a New Year for Frank and brings all-new problems like Lithuanian gangs, Brazilian drug cartels and the unexpected return of Jan.

Season 2


1: Tiger Boy
Oct 29, 2014
It's not a happy New Year for Frank, topped off by Jan Johansen's surprise and unwanted return. Meanwhile, Roar is in Rio de Janeiro to get married.
2: Foreign Affairs
Nov 5, 2014
Frank and Torgeir head to Brazil to save Roar from his troubles with the law, and Jan has second thoughts about his murder confession.
3: The Homecoming
Nov 12, 2014
Frank and Torgeir have managed to free Roar from the Brazilian jail but, back in Lillehammer, the Lithuanian gang is causing trouble.
4: The Mind is Like a Monkey
Nov 19, 2014
There 20th Anniversary of the Lillehammer Olympics is coming up, and Torgeir get his childhood dream fullfilled, that he will jump in the opening ceremony. But has he really nerves to carry?
5: Tommy
Nov 26, 2014
An ex-mobster on a book tour in Scandinavia is victim to an assassination attempt and soon after, Frank gets a bloody former acquaintance at his door.
6: The Minstrel Boy
Dec 3, 2014
Frank appreciate having a powerful mafia man as Tommy in the gang. But Tommy is struggling to cope with the high cost in Norway and goes behind Frank's back to earn a living.
7: The Funeral
Dec 10, 2014
Things look good for Jan until his new girlfriend has a fateful request. Roar signs Torgeir's life away. Tommy takes his betrayal up a notch.
8: Loose Ends
Dec 17, 2014
The new addition to Tommy's crew shocks Frank and Torgeir. Chris vows to do anything to win back Sigrid. Frank vows to hunt down Jan.
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