Season 3
13 EPISODES • 2017
Several years have passed since their titanic fight against the Primordial Dragons and Ogrest, Yugo, Tristepin and the members of the Tofu Brotherhood lead their lives each on their own: Amalia is preoccupied about the Sadida Kingdom; Evangelyne, pregnant again, and Tristepin are raising their children Elely and Flopin; as for Ruel, he's never far from Yugo. The young Eliatrope is looking for his dragon brother, Adamaï, but he has joined the Brotherhood, an organization with dark intentions, led by the enigmatic Oropo. The kidnapping of Evangelyne and Flopin signals the end of the lull for the Tofu Brotherhood, who set off in pursuit, unaware that they will have to face new trials. What if the future of another world now rested on their shoulders?

Season 2


1: Falling Down
Sep 2, 2017
When a large pandawa arrives at the door of Tristepin and Evangelyne in the middle of a snowstorm, the family's life is turned upside down. Yugo and Ruel continue to seek out Adamai who has been missing since the battle against Ogrest. In the Sadida kingdom, Amalia stands vigil at the side of her dying father when Yugo and Ruel arrive bearing bad news.
2: Like Father, Like Daughter
Sep 2, 2017
Having faced off against Adamai, Tristepin, Rubilax and Elely lie at the bottom of a ravine out in the snow. Dragging her father to safety, Elely takes on the pandawa head to head. Literally. In order to save his life, Pinpin makes a deal with Rubi.
3: Oropo's Tower
Sep 2, 2017
Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, and Pinpin and Elely march towards Oropo's tower to rescue Evangelyne and Flopin. When Elely triggers a trap, the group are suspended in a temporal zone where each step ages them. Oropo probes the minds of the group, causing them to face their darkest fears.
4: Beastly Girl
Sep 3, 2017
The gang, traumatized by the time bubble, enter Oropo's tower to rescue Eva and Flopin. Inside they meet an Osamodas girl, who tries to convince Elely that Oropo and his brotherhood are actually good.
5: A Iop Hides Himself to Cry
Sep 3, 2017
The gang arrive at the Iop floor of the tower, which turns out to be protected by a corrupted Goultard, who goes by the name, "Dark Vlad". Percedal decides to fight him on his own and the fight brings back some memories of the moments the two of them shared.
6: The Ecaflip's Scratching Post
Sep 9, 2017
Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, and Elely arrive at the Ecaflip floor of the tower. Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham's brother, Ush. Being an Ecaflip, he loves to gamble and invites the gang to play a deadly game.
7: Pinball Hazard
Sep 9, 2017
The gang continue their journey to the top of the tower. At the Feca floor, they encounter a demigod named Bump. He is willing to let them pass without fight, but he has a peculiar condition: he wants Yugo, Ruel and Amalia's pants to add to his underwear collection.
8: Arpagone
Sep 10, 2017
Arriving at the Enutrof floor, the gang find four doors, so they decide to split up in order to find the exit quicker. Along his way, Ruel reminisces about his youth and a girl he once loved named Arpagone. Ruel encounters Arpagone, who takes him captive so that a fake one can infiltrate the group. The Fake Ruel converses with Yugo about his love for Amalia, wondering if she'd ever feel the same ever she ever stopped the stubborn princess routine.
9: The Sadida Temple
Sep 10, 2017
Yugo, Amalia, Elely, and fake Ruel arrive at the Sadida floor wherethey meet the Demi-God of the race, revealing that she doesn't want to fight, but to talk. She discovers the Fake Ruel among their party and captures him. Arpagone tries to convince the real Ruel to join her and Oropo. Evangelyne and Flopin manage to escape their prison but are intercepted by Toxine and Echo. Echo tries to persuade them to come back, but Toxine electrocutes her and chains her up as her hate for Echo trumps everything else. She goes into a sadistic fight against Flopin and Eva and they somehow manage to fight her off but launching her into a Well of Shadows – a representation of her own soul, dark, evil, and chaotic – but she fires an energy bolt as she falls in, striking Eva in the womb and electrocuting her.
10: When the Walls Fall Down
Sep 16, 2017
Thanks to Toxine, Evangelyne goes into labor while the baby's godly powers activate, causing untold pain as she prepares to give birth with help from Echo, who is able to minimize the pain. The baby, having a demigod's strength, causes the tower to crumble from the shockwaves it emanated during labor. Only Oropo's power is preventing the tower itself from collapsing, but only barely. He sends Adamai to find the cause, finding it to be the son that is coming. He decides to keep them safe from the crumbling debris around them so that he and Echo can have a conversation later. Eva gives birth to a boy, ending the shockwaves and the pain, but the tower is in shambles. Oropo and Adamai set the pieces with those alive gently on the ground, allowing everyone to reunite and for Percedal to meet his new son. Before she could head over, however, Fake Ruel knocks out Amalia and transforms into a fake Amalia, sending the real one to Oropo.
11: Oropo
Sep 16, 2017
Along with Amalia and sharing a tender kiss, Oropo tells the story of his birth, revealing his true identity and the motivation behind his actions. When Yugo used the Eliatrope Dofus' to help Percedal battle Ogrest, he had inadvertently created a time loop in which a shadow race, the Eliotropes, were created long ago. They were essentially copies of Yugo, but they slowly began to die off, leaving Oropo as the last.
12: The Hyperzaap
Sep 17, 2017
Oropo is about to open the Hyperzaap and use it to destroy the gods. As he reveals his true intentions and the fact that he lied to everyone, with the Sadida Demi-Goddess revealing that it was he who set the world's tragedies into motion, such as Nox finding the Eliacube and Ogrest turning into the demon he was, his brotherhood of demigods start to turn against him. He uses his powers to send Yugo into a coma, where he confronts his demons in the forms of Qilby and Nox, who he had been suffering waking nightmares from since he arrived at the tower.
13: Inglorium
Sep 17, 2017
The Brotherhood of the Tofu and the demigods join forces to stop Oropo from killing the gods in a final battle that will decide the fate of the World of Twelve, and the universe. After a climatic battle, Oropo activates the Hyperzaap. In a last act of self-sacrifice, Echo uses her powers to send Yugo's group and the Demi-Gods though the Hyperzaap, leaving her and Oropo, who still loves her, to die as the Eliacube creates a massive black hole that destroys Oropo's dimension. Yugo and his friends find themselves in Inglorium, the realm of the gods.
Season 4
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