Season 4
13 EPISODES • 2024
In the middle of the Ingloriom, Yugo reunites with his people and meets his mother, the Great Eliatrope Goddess. However, the arrival of this Goddess is not to everyone's taste. The leaders of the various nations categorically refuse to allow the Goddess to intervene on the World of Twelve. Meanwhile, an invasion is in the making... The Necromes, stunted and hungry creatures, travel through portals to different parts of the World of Twelve. Their aim is to seize and feed on all the Wakfu they can find. This unprecedented threat will force Yugo to surpass himself.

Season 3


1: Far from the World
Feb 9, 2024
As strange eyes appear over different regions of the World of Twelve, the Brotherhood of the Tofu moves through the devastated landscape of Ingloriom towards a temple bathed in an intriguing glow. They have no idea who they're about to meet in the ruins of this dimension, let alone the revelations that await Yugo in the only temple left standing.
2: The Goddess of Love
Feb 9, 2024
Inside the temple, the Goddess Eliatrope welcomes her sons and their friends. Still exhausted from their recent fight with Oropo, the group decides to split up and return to the World of Twelve.
3: A New World
Feb 16, 2024
Back in the Sadida Kingdom, Amalia learns some tragic news. Meanwhile, Yugo is getting to know his sister a little better. Far across the World of Twelve, an old man continues his journey. And at the Stroud home, Ruel wakes up to a very unpleasant surprise.
4: The Assembly
Feb 16, 2024
The World of Twelve's leaders gather in response to recent events. Accompanied by his mother, Yugo tries to explain their reasoning to the assembled dignitaries. Unfortunately, his words don't have the desired effect. Meanwhile, a new threat draws closer to the Sadida Kingdom.
5: Necromas
Feb 23, 2024
As Necros approach Albuera Island, Armand and Amalia are horrified to see the destruction that the creatures have wrought in their kingdom. But that's only the start of the troubles that Yugo and his friends will soon be drawn into. Elsewhere, the Sadlygrove family receives a most unusual visit.
6: RotalStröm
Feb 23, 2024
Amalia and Yugo, confronted with a new wave of Necros in the Sadida Kingdom, try to repel the assault. Meanwhile, on Albuera Island, another attack is underway, led by an enormous Necro Dragon. The monsters are getting dangerously close to shore.
7: Toross Mordal
Mar 1, 2024
Evangelyne takes the time to listen to Madagaskane, despite a bit of hesitation. Meanwhile, Yugo starts negotiations with the leaders of the World of Twelve to get their help against the Necros.
8: Traitor
Mar 1, 2024
Convinced that Qilby is involved in the appearance of the Necro portals, Yugo tries to confront him. He and his friends then travel to the Necroworld where they meet a powerful being with a thirst for Wakfu.
9: Lokus
Mar 8, 2024
Yugo finds himself trapped in the Necroworld at the mercy of Toross Mordal, who has no qualms about subjecting him to various forms of vicious torture. Meanwhile, at the Eliatrope Temple, things take a rough turn for the rest of the group when Qilby disappears with the six Eliatrope Dofus.
10: My Brother, My King
Mar 8, 2024
Nora finds herself in a difficult spot as the fight between Qilby and Lokus continues in the Eliatrope Temple. Meanwhile, Yugo, still imprisoned by the Necros, is locked in a fierce battle with himself.
11: Together
Mar 15, 2024
Yugo gathers all the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. After reuniting with Ruel and then the Sadlygrove family, Yugo and his friends return to the Sadida Kingdom to prepare for the final assault against the Necros.
12: Armand
Mar 15, 2024
The Necros' attack on the Sadida Kingdom is imminent. The Brotherhood of the Tofu is ready to face them, together with the Eliatrope and the Sadida armies. The final battle to defend the Sadida Kingdom has begun. Yugo and his friends do everything they can to push back the Necros, but they're in for an epic battle gainst these Wakfu-devouring monsters.
13: Consecration
Mar 15, 2024
The war with Necros continues... Yugo and his friends must redouble their efforts to stop Toross Mordal and his army. Peace will never return to the World of Twelve until the invasion of the Wakfu eaters has been thwarted.
Season 5
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