Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
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Season 3

Aug 24, 2018

As the trolls turn a new enemy into a friend, Poppy trains Branch in "hair-jitsu," Smidge woos a crush and DJ Suki throws the best party ever.

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1: The Imposter
Aug 24, 2018
Branch and Poppy hunt for an imposter in Troll Village.
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2: The Frenemy
Aug 24, 2018
Poppy discovers the master of disguise belongs to an evil group called the Party Crashers.
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3: Hair-Jitsu
Aug 24, 2018
Branch learns the importance of patience when Poppy teaches him "hair-jitsu."
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4: Crushin' It
Aug 24, 2018
Smidge's crush on a critter-narian leads her to tone down her Smidge-ness.
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5: Meet the Peppy
Aug 24, 2018
To impress King Peppy during a Swag Stag hunt, Branch invents a tall tale he has to keep up with.
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6: Party Crash Course
Aug 24, 2018
DJ Suki takes Poppy's crash course in party hosting.
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7: Trolly Tales 2
Aug 24, 2018
The Trolls try to entertain Archer Pastry with a series of Troll stories.
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8: Rainbowmageddon
Aug 24, 2018
Cloud Guy offers to fix a local rainbow in urgent need of repair.
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9: Coop, Where's My Guy?
Aug 24, 2018
When Cooper loses Guy Diamond in a forest, Poppy and Branch help retrace his steps.
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10: Fluffleberry Quest
Aug 24, 2018
Poppy vows to re-create Branch's favorite dessert -- at any cost.
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Aug 24, 2018
Guy Diamond enlists the Snack Pack to hunt down Nova Swift's next pop-up party.
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12: Lost in the Woods
Aug 24, 2018
Lost in Troll Forest, Poppy and Archer must learn to trust each other.
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