Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
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Season 4

Nov 2, 2018

With her sunny attitude, Poppy leads her friends in rescuing Mr. Dinkles, supporting Guy Diamond's new invention and teaching Smidge to be helpful.

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1: Party Crashed
Nov 2, 2018
When outsiders invade Troll Village and take Mr. Dinkles hostage, the trolls must win a sing-off in order to get him back.
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2: Weekend at Diamond's
Nov 2, 2018
Poppy and Branch must help a sleepy Guy Diamond pitch his new invention to Sky Toronto.
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3: Branchception
Nov 2, 2018
Branch gets trapped in a dream in which everyone worships him.
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4: The Bunker List
Nov 2, 2018
Branch tries to complete all the items on his "Bunker List" in one day.
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5: The Interns
Nov 2, 2018
Interns Satin and Chenille must save boss Nova Swift from a fashion disaster.
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6: Three Trolls-keteers
Nov 2, 2018
Guy Diamond mistakes a plea for help for an invitation to perform the trolls' new play.
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7: The Helper
Nov 2, 2018
Smidge is eager to prove how helpful she can be.
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8: Smidgician
Nov 2, 2018
When the trolls secretly help Smidge with her magic show, she thinks her powers are real.
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9: DJ's Got Talent
Nov 2, 2018
DJ Suki tries to impress her niece during Talent Week.
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10: Peril Patch
Nov 2, 2018
A strange new mini-golf course fuels competition between Poppy and Branch.
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11: Sibling Quibbling
Nov 2, 2018
To Chenille's dismay, Satin befriends a troll who loves extreme sports.
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12: Musical Thrones
Nov 2, 2018
The Musical Thrones Tournament tests Smidge and Biggie's longtime alliance.
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13: Branch Bum
Nov 2, 2018
An accident that lands the Snack Pack on a desert island transforms Branch.
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