Season 5
F is for Family
8 EPISODES • 2021
Season 5 of F is for Family was released on November 25 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 4


1: The Mahogany Fortress
Nov 25, 2021
At a family funeral, Frank deals with bottled-up emotions, Maureen befriends an embalmer, and Bill discovers the last rites can wipe away any sin.
2: The Rustvale Massacre
Nov 25, 2021
While Sue tries to broker a peace deal with her dad, Frank meets the new airline management, and Bill and Maureen get into mischief on a field trip.
3: Blind Alley
Nov 25, 2021
Sue hits the bars to look for her brother. Bill spends his Saturdays in a "scared straight" program. Kevin gets clingy after learning about Alice's ex.
4: Thank You So Much
Nov 25, 2021
On Thanksgiving, Sue stresses over her family's visit, Vic begs his neighbors for help soothing the baby, and Bob's big dream suffers a setback.
5: The Searchers
Nov 25, 2021
When Frank ducks out of a family day to scour the city for Box 16, Sue goes to a party at Vic's house. Bill and friends enjoy the perks of police life.
6: Screw Ups
Nov 25, 2021
Sue takes Maureen to church to cure her obsession with the occult, Frank gives Bill an overdue sex talk, and Kevin pours his heart out to Smokey.
7: A Very Merry F***ing Christmas
Nov 25, 2021
Inspired by his dad's words, Frank throws himself into a project at work. Sue starts a new business. The mayor takes his feud with Rosie too far.
8: Bye Bye, Frankie
Nov 25, 2021
As the town flocks to the airport for the big Christmas Eve show, Frank scrambles to keep the event on track, and Rosie plots to expose the mayor.
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