F is for Family
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Season 4

Jun 12, 2020

Season 4 of F is for Family was released on June 12 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Father Confessor
Jun 12, 2020
A surprise visit from his estranged dad sends Frank off the deep end — and into the confession booth.
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2: Nothing Is Impossible
Jun 12, 2020
On back-to-school night, Frank stews over flashbacks to his fourth-grade play, while Sue fights to get Kevin into a special program for "dim lights."
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3: Bring Me a Tooth
Jun 12, 2020
Frank struggles to make good on his promises to Bill and Maureen. Vic gets a rude surprise on his first day back at the radio station.
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4: The 'B' Word
Jun 12, 2020
A lunch date sends Sue even deeper into a funk, Bill discovers a different side of his grandfather, and a desperate Vic offers to record Kevin's band.
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5: Just Breathe
Jun 12, 2020
While Frank and his dad tend to an emergency at the airport, Sue spends a maddening night at the hospital, and Bill takes a beating in the hockey rink.
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6: Come to Papa
Jun 12, 2020
Frank's pledge to be a better father and husband is tested by one calamity after the next, leading to an epic meltdown at Lamaze class.
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7: R Is For Rosie
Jun 12, 2020
Eager to make his mark as an alderman, Rosie heads to City Hall — only to find out the crooked mayor has his own plans for the Twelfth Ward.
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8: Murphy & Son
Jun 12, 2020
A string of good luck lifts the mood at the Murphy house. But a family outing to the fourth-grade play unleashes a fresh wave of chaos.
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9: Land Ho!
Jun 12, 2020
While Frank and the Mohican crew head to X-ray training in Cleveland, Vic gives Kevin and the band a total makeover for Kweezetoberfest.
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10: Baby, Baby, Baby
Jun 12, 2020
As Sue sets out on a star-crossed trek to the hospital, Frank races to catch a flight home — and vows to settle things with his dad once and for all.
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