Season 2
Pete the Cat
50 EPISODES • 2020
Season 2 of Pete the Cat was released on February 6 and consists of 50 episodes.

Season 1


1: A Very Groovy Valentine's Day
Feb 6, 2020
Pete can't find out what him and Boo Borrow both like to do, while Sally's New Box drop's her valentines.
2: Finders Keepers
Jun 25, 2020
The gang has become obsessed with playing marbles, but when Grumpy loses his shooting marble and finds Callie's by accident, will he do the right thing and give it back?
3: The Honkening
Jun 25, 2020
Pete has a Catalina Casesolver themed sleepover to figure out the strange honking noise that has been keeping him up at night.
4: Callie Loses Her Voice
Jun 25, 2020
Callie loses her voice before a big performance, so Grumpy steps in to sing a ballad in her place. However, right before the performance, Callie gets her voice back - how will they settle who sings on the big day?
5: Out of Tune
Jun 25, 2020
Pete is having one heck of a bad day, will his string of bad luck ever let up?
6: Sally's Not Amused
Jun 25, 2020
The gang goes to an amusement park, but Sally is too small for most of the rides.
7: The Singing Cabbage
Jun 25, 2020
All the kids go to see a baffling new piece of art, and get inspired to create something new of their own.
8: Big Brother Lessons
Jun 25, 2020
Grumpy learns that he's going to become a big brother, but begins to worry whether he's cut out for it or not, so he asks Bob for advice.
9: Callie vs. the Volcano
Jun 25, 2020
Callie procrastinates on her science project and learns to ask for help from her friends, and finds that it's important to listen to them, too.
10: Sally Knows Boo
Jun 25, 2020
Sally begins hanging out more with Boo Burrow upsetting the rest of the kids, so they try to "win" her back. Does she have to choose between them?
11: No Meowtain Too High
Jun 25, 2020
The gang goes on a hike to the peak of Cat Meowtain, but it seems so very far away. Will they make it? And what cool things will they find along the way?
12: The Ballad of the Soggy Music Room
Jun 25, 2020
When rain floods the music room, the gang hosts a bake sale to raise money for repairs. But when they try to make an experimental treat, they have to decide if asking for help means they are not doing it themselves.
13: Parents' Day Surprise
Jun 25, 2020
Gustavo has trouble deciding what to make to show his love for his mama for Parents' Day since she is stationed far away. With some help from his friends, he makes a music video to share his love across the distance.
14: Legend of Big Paw
Nov 12, 2020
When the gang goes camping, can they find the legendary creature known as "Big Paw"?
15: Cat City Safety Patrol
Nov 12, 2020
Dennis and Pete form the Safety Patrol to make Cat City safer, but how safe is too safe?
16: Super Surfboard Smash
Nov 12, 2020
When Pete accidentaly breaks Bob's surf board, will he admit his mistake before Bob's big surfing competition?
17: SpaceCat 3611: Save the Music
Nov 12, 2020
Will the kids, playing as characters from Space Cat 3611, rescue a princess and bring music back to the universe?
18: The Gators
Nov 12, 2020
When a family of Gators move to Cat City, will their popular Zydeco band replace The Resolutions?
19: Ohio Sphinx
Nov 12, 2020
Can the gang turn trash into treasure and turn a boring trip to the flea market into a thirlling adventure?
20: Full Court Press
Nov 12, 2020
Will a new coach help the gang learn how to play basketball in time to beat their rivals, the Crosstown Cats?
21: Goodbye, Mrs.Burrow
Nov 12, 2020
When the gang hears that Mrs. Burrow will be leaving them next year, can they write a song great enough to convince her to stay?
22: Last Days of Summer
Nov 12, 2020
With vacation running out, does the gang have enough time left for all of their favorite summer time activities?
23: The Home Front
Nov 12, 2020
Sometimes it's hard when a new sibling is born, as the older sibling feels left out. When this happens to Grumpy, he seeks out Bob for help.
24: Sharesies
Nov 12, 2020
When Grumpy forgets his bookbag at home, will he learn the difference between sharing with his friends, and taking from them?
25: The Magic Oath
Nov 12, 2020
After the gang sees Kawow the Magician at the park, Grumpy wants to do magic too! But after he learns how to do the tricks, can he keep the mystery alive?
26: Back to School Operetta
Aug 26, 2021
The gang prepares for the excitement of back to school with this special musical!
27: The Call
Nov 4, 2021
When Callie and Grumpy disagree on who won a game, will their disagreement end their friendship forever?
28: Pete Over-Extended
Nov 4, 2021
When Pete agrees to go to two events on the same day, will he be able to enjoy either?
29: Sally's Sour Note
Nov 4, 2021
Can Sally create the perfect birthday gift for her fathers, even if she can't peform every part perfectly?
30: Gustavo's Lucky Ducky
Nov 4, 2021
When Gustavo's security blanket goes missing, can his friends help him overcome his fear of an upcoming solo?
31: And Then There Were None
Nov 4, 2021
When the gang agree to build a cardboard box fort in the park, will Grumpy's new video game lure them away from the task at hand?
32: Take Your Cat to Work Day
Nov 4, 2021
When Bonnie B gets locked in the control room during a tour of the news studio, can the gang step up and present the news in her place?
33: Fairy Tale Takedown
Nov 4, 2021
When the gang try to make up a new fairy tale by taking turns telling the story, can Grumpy learn to take turns before his friends feel left out?
34: Let the Games Begin
Nov 4, 2021
When Sally's friends decide to lose at games on purpose so that she can win, can Sally show them that games are more fun if you're not keeping score?
35: Room at the Table
Nov 4, 2021
When Pete's Dad invites strangers over for Thanksgiving dinner, the gang must decide if they can welcome the newcomers and make space at their table.
36: Founders Day
Nov 4, 2021
As Cat City celebrates Founders Day, will Gustavo be left out since he and his Papi are the first platypuses to ever live there?
37: Gustavo's First Party
Nov 4, 2021
Can Gustavo plan the best birthday party ever, or will his attempt to make everyone happy end in tears?
38: Too Cool to Pool
Nov 4, 2021
When the gang realizes that Emma is afraid to join them in the pool, can they help her get over her embarrasment?
39: All the Letters Home
Mar 10, 2022
Will Sally give sleep-away camp a chance before her friends mount a daring rescue mission to bring her home?
40: Message In A Bottle
Mar 10, 2022
When Callie and Friends discover a message in a bottle on the beach, Callie spends all day trying to solve it. Can Pete show her that taking a break can help you look at a problem from a new perspective?
41: Dream Melody
Mar 10, 2022
Pete's amazing new song blows away in the wind, but will his friends be able to help find it, or will their adventure make for an even better song?
42: The Contest
Mar 10, 2022
When Mr. Laroux holds a songwriting contest, will Pete win the contest or can he inspire someone else to write something incredible?
43: A Friend Named Lollypop
Mar 10, 2022
When the gang tries to meet Dennis's new friends Salad and Soup, they can never seem to find them. Can Ranger Joey help get to the bottom of the mystery?
44: Squirrelton
Mar 10, 2022
Can Pete and Sally help Grumpy try new things at the Squirrelton Nutfest Harvest Festival?
45: Fun Fair
Mar 10, 2022
When they make a new friend with special needs, can the gang find a way to update their games to make them fun for everyone?
46: Dance Party for One
Mar 10, 2022
When the gang discover Boo Burrow's secret talent, will they respect her request to keep it secret?
47: Small Steps
Aug 4, 2022
When Baby T grows legs to dance with his big brother, Grumpy wants to show off to everyone he knows. But when Baby T is too shy, can Grumpy be patient and wait for Baby T to feel comfortable sharing his new developments?
48: Grumpy Gets to Work
Mar 10, 2022
Grumpy finds a new video game he wants, but his parents can't buy it for him. Will he be able to find a way to earn the game for himself?
49: The Five Senses
Mar 10, 2022
When Emma is partnered with Brian, a blind Burrow, in a sand sculpting contest, will they figure out a way to use all their senses to work together?
50: Pete's Birthday
Mar 10, 2022
With Pete's birthday approaching, his friends struggle to find the perfect birthday present. Can they figure out wat to get the cat who already has everything he needs?
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