Pete the Cat
Season 2

Season 1

Dec 25, 2017

Season 1 of Pete the Cat was released on December 25 and consists of 15 episodes.

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1: A Groovy New Year
Dec 25, 2017
As he passes out invitations to his New Year's Party, Pete the Cat figures out what a New Year Resolution is. Using the "definitions" and examples of his friends, Pete works through the process of coming up with his own resolution.
2: Too Cool for School & Pete at the Beach
Sep 21, 2018
TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Pete desperately tries to figure out what to wear for picture day at school. He gets advice from several of his friends, including , Grumpy, Sally, and Callie. Everyone has their own idea of what a cool outfit entails, and they all have suggestions for Pete. PETE AT THE BEACH: Pete heads to the beach with Bob to learn how to surf, but doesn't want to get in the water as he is seemingly afraid of the waves and ocean. Eventually a wave crashes into him, and he learns that "it's okay to be afraid, but it's more fun to surf."
3: Begin to Begin & Three Bite Rule
Sep 21, 2018
BEGIN TO BEGIN: Pete tries to come up with a new song for the band, but can't seem to figure out where to start. He keeps putting it off and getting distracted. Finally with some help from Mom, Dad and Bob he learns how to write what you know. THREE BITE RULE: Pete is preparing a dish, in this case a banana casserole, with his Mom and Grumpy to bring to school. When Grumpy says he hates bananas even though he hasn't tried them, they break into a song explaining that you should always try things before you decide whether you like them or not.
4: Another Cats Shoes & Emma's Weird Song
Sep 21, 2018
The adventure of Pete and the gang as they try to find the Christmas Cat so that they can get cool gifts. During their hunt, though, they end up helping various family along the way. Will they find out that giving is the best way to truly enjoy the holiday?
5: Magic Sunglasses & Sandcastles
Sep 21, 2018
MAGIC SUNGLASSES: Pete's perfect day is ruined when it starts to rain, and his attempts to have fun indoors don't work either. Grumpy shares magic sunglasses he got from Neville, and when Pete puts them on, all of a sudden everything seems better! Pete shares his sunny disposition making Sally, Callie and Emma's day brighter. SANDCASTLES: The gang is having a fun day at the beach, especially Sally who builds a fantastic sand castle. But as the day goes on, the tide rises and Sally starts to go crazy as she tries to figure out a way to save her castle from being wiped away. She tries to block a big wave, but only ends up getting soaked, the castle is washed away.
6: The Case of the Missing Cupcakes & Bedtime Blues
Sep 21, 2018
THE CASE OF THE MISSING CUPCAKES: It's Dennis' birthday party and Callie is making homemade cupcakes with Pete. They leave them out by the window to cool and return to see that someone has stolen them. With the help of Callie, Emma and Sally, they discover who the cupcake thief really is. BEDTIME BLUES: Pete and all of his friends decide to sleepover one night so they have more time to practice playing in their band. Pete's Mom tasks Pete with making sure everyone gets to bed at a reasonable time, but whatever he does he just can't seem to make it happen.
7: The Band's First Gig & Quest!
Sep 21, 2018
THE BAND'S FIRST GIG: The band is finally able to play through an entire song without making any mistakes, and Callie says it's finally time to play for other people at the town picnic! The band worries about this idea and starts practicing, but now playing music has become less fun under the pressure. Along with nerves, the picnic ends up being during a really windy day. QUEST: When the band misses the bus to get to school they use their imagination to make their journey more fun by pretending to be knights on a quest. The problem is Grumpy doesn't like to pretend because he thinks he can't.
8: Pumpkin Pageant & Trick or Treating Ghost
Sep 21, 2018
PUMPKIN PAGEANT: Pete wants to have the perfect Jack-o'-lantern for the Pumpkin Pageant but when his pumpkin breaks, Pete needs to get creative. TRICK OR TREATING GHOST: It's Halloween, and Pete is determined to scare everyone (which he does every year) - even though his friends are determined to not let him do it. The gang previously made a pact to go to the spookiest places in town, but Sally doesn't want to get scared. They all eventually agree to brave through it, and learn that scary places aren't as scary as their own imaginations.
9: A Very Groovy Christmas
Nov 20, 2018
After performing a play about the Legend of the Christmas Cat, Pete and the gang try to find the real Christmas Cat so that they can get some cool gifts. During their hunt, they end up helping various families along the way. Will they find out that giving is the best way to truly enjoy the holiday?
10: Kitty Catsclaw Reunion & Play Ball!
Aug 9, 2019
KITTY CATSCLAW REUNION: The gang is trying to come up with a band name, and Pete's mom is trying to help. After she leaves, Callie arrives and shows the gang a poster for the Kitty Catsclaw Reunion concert! She is the number 1 musical hero for Catalina, but the kids have never heard of Kitty Catsclaw so it's time to investigate. PLAY BALL!: The kids are playing a fun game of baseball. But Grumpy has decided that this year they are going to finally win and starts to get too competitive. When, despite his competitive nature, Grumpy does poorly, he gives up and runs away. Pete (with help from his Dad) has to show him that doing your best and having fun is the most important thing.
11: I Once Was Lost & Snow Daze
Aug 9, 2019
I ONCE WAS LOST: The kids are excited to go to a CatGo concert at the local State Park. On the way, the Family Van breaks down. They decide to make the short hike through the woods to the show, but soon the kids (and Pete's Dad) are lost. SNOW DAZE: When Cat City gets a rare snow storm, the kids get a Snow Day from school. They set out to make the most of it. Gustavo claims to be the fastest sledder ever, but the kids find that getting him out the door to have fun is harder than you'd think. Will they get him out to sled down Cat Hill in record time?
12: Taking Care of Bobness & Sally Comes Clean
Aug 9, 2019
TAKING CARE OF BOBNESS: The gang tries to cheer up Bob, when a broken ankle keeps him from surfing. They finally learn the best way to make someone feel good is to figure out what they enjoy most. SALLY COMES CLEAN: Despite her desire to have "all the things," Sally's been losing things -- in addition to losing things she needs, like shoe laces, sheet music and special crayons. Oh, and also her favorite doll. It's clear that part of the problem is that she thinks everything is special and so is collecting just too much.
13: Pink Pajama Pals & Meteor Shower
Aug 9, 2019
PINK PAJAMA PALS: It's Pajama Day at Pete's school. When Callie and Gustavo wear the same pink pajamas, they form the Pink Pajama Pals -- accidentally excluding Pete and Sally from the group. Will Pete be able to build up the courage to say something and say it kindly? METEOR SHOWER: Pete and his friends want to stay up late to see a meteor shower, but they discover it's harder than they thought.
14: Blackout! & Wavy Way of Life
Aug 9, 2019
BLACKOUT!: When a storm knocks out the power, Pete and Company -- who were plugged into their various technology don't know what to do. But when they discover that Grumpy is scared of thunder, they rally and use old-fashioned "connecting" and play to figure out how to help. WAVY WAY OF LIFE: Pete and his friends meet a sea turtle who lives in the ocean and while there are some challenges being friends with someone who has such a different lifestyle, the gang learns to celebrate and appreciate the differences.
15: Rock On Mom and Dad & Gotta Be You
Aug 9, 2019
ROCK ON MOM AND DAD: Pete wants to give his parents a gift for all the nice things they've done for him. He tries to come up with the perfect thing to buy for them, but then he realizes that the best gifts don't come from the store. GOTTA BE YOU: When Pete and Callie learn of a contest to perform with CatGo, they set out to win. They end up performing a CatGo song dressed like CatGo. Will the kids come to realize that they're already being themselves?