Season 2
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
26 EPISODES • 2019
Season 2 of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was released on September 27 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 1


1: Looking After Lovey / The Old Shell Game
Sep 27, 2019
LOOKING AFTER LOVEY. Moose entrusts Mouse to babysit his stuffed lovey for the afternoon. THE OLD SHELL GAME. When Herman, the Hermit Crab, outgrows his shell, Mouse takes it upon himself to find Herman a new home.
2: A Space Odd-issy / Stuff-on-a-Stick Sale
Oct 25, 2019
A SPACE ODD-ISSY. With Dog’s help, his friend Cat discovers that it only takes a little imagination to have a grand adventure. STUFF-ON-A-STICK SALE - To raise money, the gang throws a one-of-a-kind bake sale.
3: Pig Puts on a Show / A Little Pig Pizazz
Feb 7, 2020
PIG PUTS ON A SHOW. When Pig puts on a play, she finds out that her favorite story can still have new and unexpected twists and turns. A LITTLE PIG PIZAZZ. A chain-reaction of disasters leads Pig to give the whole town a delightful Pig-zhooshing.
4: A Token of Friendship / Robot Rivalry
Jul 23, 2020
A TOKEN OF FRIENDSHIP. The local arcade has a new game and a prize that Mouse is determined to win for Oliver. ROBOT RIVALRY. What can you do with a bored robot? Cat and Mouse have a sure cure for the robo-blues. A bro-bot!
5: Hiccup Hitch / Do the Dog
Jul 24, 2020
HICCUP HITCH. Oh no! Dog has the hiccups. The gang each have their own cure. DO THE DOG. Pig plans a special dance performance. But is there a place in entertainment for a non-dancing dog?
6: Picnic Express/Safari Surprise
Jul 30, 2020
PICNIC EXPRESS. Moose's cooking at the Scout Jamboree is just too popular! Luckily, Mouse is on track with the perfect solution. SAFARI SURPRISE. The gang helps spice up Oliver's report on the jungle by bringing it to life for his class.
7: The Caped Moose / Leo’s Loose Tooth
Jul 31, 2020
THE CAPED MOOSE. Masked Mouse has a new partner: the Caped Moose! Can Mouse help him discover his own powers? LEO'S LOOSE TOOTH. Leo is the last person of the whole gang to lose a baby tooth, and he is super excited. A visit from the Tooth Fairy at last!
8: Dog vs. the Two-Wheeler / If You Give a Dog a Bath
Aug 6, 2020
DOG VS. THE TWO-WHEELER. It finally time to take the training wheels off of Dog's bike...and to build up his confidence. IF YOU GIVE A DOG A BATH. It's bath time! Dog and Henry have just a short time to play before it's time to face the water. But is playtime really over once bath time begins?
9: Dinosaurs for a Day / Magical Moose
Aug 7, 2020
DINOSAURS FOR A DAY. There's disappointment at Dino Adventure Land--but a real adventure is about to come roaring to life! MAGICAL MOOSE. Why is Moose dressing up? The gang follows their antlered friend and discover a magical surprise.
10: Snowy the Snowbot / Saturn’s Missing Rings
Aug 13, 2020
SNOWY THE SNOWBOT. Winter is over but Mouse and friends make it last just one more day. SATURN'S MISSING RINGS. Disaster has struck - the model of Saturn has lost its rings! It's up to the gang to fix the problem, even if it means searching every corner of the dark spooky museum. Gulp.
11: Mouse and the Toy Factory / Teacher Appreciation Day
Aug 14, 2020
MOUSE AND THE TOY FACTORY. Mouse is asked to help a local toymaker improve his toys. TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY. The gang sets out to show Oliver's teacher how much they all like her. But what do you get someone you don't know?
12: The Quest for the Golden Treasure/Firefighter Mouse
Aug 20, 2020
THE QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN TREASURE. Oliver missed the latest adventure movie, but Mouse won't let Oliver miss out on the fun. FIREFIGHTER MOUSE. Mouse and Oliver head to mom's workplace: the fire station. Mouse discovers there's a lot more to the job than just a yellow suit.
13: Carnival Time/Summerfantastic Day
Aug 21, 2020
CARNIVAL TIME. Mouse and friends find the carnival grounds minus one carnival. The fundraiser must go on! SUMMERFANTASTIC DAY. The gang decides that they'll just have to invent a new holiday of their own. Summerfantastic Day!
14: Copydog/Sweet Dreams
Aug 27, 2020
COPYDOG. Dog decides he wants to be just like his friend Moose. Being a moose turns out to be tricker than it looks. SWEET DREAMS. After Dog has a nightmare, his friends help him discover ways to relax and get ready for bed.
15: Mother's Day Mouse/If You Give a Mouse a Camera
Aug 28, 2020
MOTHER'S DAY MOUSE. It's Mother's Day, and Mouse and Oliver scramble to keep Mom's big day from becoming a big disaster. IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A CAMERA. The town's picture contest is on, and Mouse is determined to win the blue ribbon.
16: Cousin Party/Quiet Contest
Sep 3, 2020
COUSIN PARTY. Piper wants to be sure her cousin's visit is spectacular. The animals pitch in to help.. QUIET CONTEST. Can Mouse be quiet long enough to win the contest?
17: Sleepover Slip-up/Dancing in Style
Sep 4, 2020
SLEEPOVER SLIP-UP. Moose's lovey is lost and the gang worries that Moose will never be able to sleep again! DANCING IN STYLE. Piper and Oliver excited about being in a dance show...until they realize they don't have the right clothes.
18: Episode 18
Sep 10, 2020
19: Episode 19
Sep 11, 2020
20: Episode 20
Sep 17, 2020
21: Episode 21
Sep 18, 2020
22: Episode 22
Sep 24, 2020
23: Episode 23
Sep 25, 2020
24: Episode 24
Oct 1, 2020
25: Episode 25
Oct 2, 2020
26: Episode 26
Oct 8, 2020
Season 3
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