If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Season 2

Season 1

Nov 5, 2015

Season 1 of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was released on November 5 and consists of 28 episodes.

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1: Applesauce/Cat and Mouse
Nov 5, 2015
APPLESAUCE. A shopping trip for applesauce leads Mouse and Oliver on some unexpected adventures. CAT AND MOUSE. Donning their detective hats, Mouse and friends set out to discover the whereabouts of their friend Cat.
2: Mouse to the Rescue!/The Amazing Art Chase
Nov 7, 2015
MASKED MOUSE. Mouse draws an adventure comic that inspires him to become a superhero. ART CHASE. What better way to celebrate the beautiful day than to go outside and draw with your best friend? It turns out that the wind has ideas of its own.
3: The Big Campout/Missing Sock!
Nov 7, 2015
THE BIG CAMPOUT. A sock makes a wonderful Mouse-sized sleeping bag. And if a mouse has a sleeping bag, then he's sure to want to invite all of his friends for a campout! MISSING SOCK. When Oliver departs for to his softball game minus one sock, Mouse embarks on a surprise-filled crosstown journey.
4: Hoopla!/Animal Band
Nov 7, 2017
HOOPLA. If you give a Mouse a stick, he might be inspired to create his own sport. Soon all his friends are playing Hoopla! ANIMAL BAND. Mouse finds a stick in the yard and soon begins drumming. It isn't long before the whole gang is jamming along.
5: Mouse Minds the Store/Captain Mouse
Nov 7, 2017
MOUSE MINDS THE STORE. Mouse goes to the store to get some bubble bath, only to find it's closing. What can he do? CAPTAIN MOUSE. A bath inspires Mouse to captain his own raft. Soon the gang has embarked on a nautical adventure.
6: Town Fair/Beach Day
Nov 7, 2017
TOWN FAIR. Moose is entering his pie to a pie-tasting contest at the Town Fair and Mouse decides to join him. What could possibly go wrong? BEACH DAY. It's a day at the beach for Mouse and his friends with sandcastles, kite making...and some unexpected adventures.
7: If You Take a Mouse to School/Cookie Factory
Nov 7, 2017
IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO SCHOOL. Mouse is excited to go to school, at least until he gets to the door. With the kids' and teacher's help, Mouse is soon having a blast. COOKIE FACTORY. Oliver's class takes a field trip to Mouse heaven: the local cookie factory!
8: Muffin Party/Arcade
Nov 7, 2017
MUFFIN PARTY. When his muffin recipe gets smudged, Moose is certain his party will be ruined. Can Mouse help his antlered friend regain his confidence? ARCADE. Mouse and friends find out that the local arcade is closing down for a month. Time to take matters into their own paws.
9: A House for Mouse/Delivery Mouse
Nov 7, 2017
A HOUSE FOR MOUSE. Mouse wants to have a room of his own. Then another one. Then another one. Is bigger always better? DELIVERY MOUSE. Traveling across the park turns out to be an "Oregon Trail"-sized adventure for one little mouse.
10: Something to Squawk About/Sick Day
Nov 7, 2017
SOMETHING TO SQUAWK ABOUT. When one of Oliver's toys breaks, the race is on to repair it. IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A COLD. When their friends all become sick at the same time, Mouse and Oliver decide they need a system.
11: Dinosaur Mystery/Inventor Fair
Nov 7, 2017
DINOSAUR MYSTERY. Certain she's seen a dinosaur, Pig enlists her friends help her find out where it's hiding. INVENTOR FAIR. Mouse and his friends' make their own inventions for the Junior Inventors' Fair.
12: Farm Friends/Picnic
Nov 7, 2017
FARM FRIENDS. Finding carrots for Oliver's sandwich leads Mouse to discover just where our fruits and veggies come from PICNIC. Mouse and his friends join their human friends on a scouting outing. Can Mouse win a badge of his own?
13: Toy Round Up!/Masked Mouse Mobile
Nov 7, 2017
TOY ROUND UP. Mouse and his friends turn the chore of cleaning up toys into a Wild West game. THE MASKED MOUSE MOBILE. Mouse has wheels, but is he too small to be a real hero?
14: Recycle Races / Change is Good
Jun 25, 2018
15: Dogs Day Out / Doggie Day Camp
Jun 25, 2018
16: Treasure Hunt / A Surprise for Henry
Jun 25, 2018
17: Sledding Adventure / Snowy Sleepover
Jun 25, 2018
18: Mouse Around Town / Rainy Day
Jun 25, 2018
19: Day at the Museum / Pizza Delivery
Jun 25, 2018
20: Friendaversary/Runaway Robot
Jun 26, 2018
21: Mousey Mail/Lost Sticker
Jul 2, 2018
22: Bowling Bonanza!/Underwater Mouse
Jul 3, 2018
23: Charm Mystery/New Neighbor
Jul 9, 2018
24: Egg Hunt/The Masked Mouse Rides Again
Jul 10, 2018
25: Keeping Cool/Parade Day
Jul 16, 2018
26: Quest for the Cup/Goodnight Mouse
Jul 17, 2018
27: Episode 27
Jul 23, 2018
28: Episode 28
Jul 24, 2018