Season 4
The Stinky & Dirty Show
7 EPISODES • 2019
Season 4 of The Stinky & Dirty Show was released on March 21 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 3


1: 1. The Last Melon/Little Big Dirty
Mar 21, 2019
The Last Melon When Stinky runs out of melons, he and Dirty use resourcefulness to try make their own melons, only to realize (to Stinky's surprise) they can grow them! Little Big Dirty When Dirty believes he has to be bigger to do a job the way his giant friend Digby does, he and Stinky make some creative attempts at making Dirty bigger.
2: 2. A Sweepy Surprise/Radio Free Stinky
Mar 21, 2019
A Sweepy Surprise Stinky and Dirty are tasked with bringing Sweepy to his surprise party, but getting Sweepy to follow them proves harder than they thought! Radio Free Stinky When Stinky can't find the cans he's supposed to pick up on his trash route, Dirty takes a bird's eye view to help locate them - but communicating the information to Stinky from far away is a challenge!
3: 3. Scaredy Brave/Movie Makeover
Mar 21, 2019
Scaredy Brave Brave is afraid popcorn, and Stinky and Dirty help him overcome his fear so that he can go to the movie theater to see Jumpy's Big Jump! Movie Makeover When the movie projector at the drive-in breaks, Stinky and Dirty learn how to "make a movie" for the disappointed audience.
4: 4. The Never Ending Race/Unburied Treasure
Mar 21, 2019
The Never Ending Race Red doesn't realize that she's passed the checkered flag, and Stinky and Dirty must catch up to her to tell her that the race is over (and give her the winners trophy)! Unburied Treasure Dirty unearths a mysterious chest and he and Stinky struggle to open it, but nothing works until they come upon a "key" discovery.
5: 5. The Stinky and Shmirty Show/Moon Chasers
Mar 21, 2019
The Stinky and Shmirty Show When Dirty is called away, Stinky decides that - instead of delaying a super fun day of planned activities with his best pal - he will create a substitute Dirty to hang with. Moon Chasers Stinky and Dirty see the moon on the horizon and decide to drive there, but "the road to the moon" is far longer than it appears.
6: 6. Honk, You're It/Smashalot
Mar 21, 2019
Honk, You're It Stinky and Dirty play a game of tag and when other vehicles speed, float, and fly out of reach, our heroes must think of more resourceful ways to make their friends "it." Smash-a-lot Stinky and Dirty try and build a fort but Smash keeps accidentally knocking it down! Can they find materials that won't smash?
7: 7. Seeing Eye Stinky/Rover All Over
Mar 21, 2019
Seeing Eye Stinky Dirty needs to replace a billboard but gets an inner tube stuck on his head and can't see! Now Stinky must be Dirty's seeing-eye truck so he can finish the job! Rover All Over Stinky and Dirty babysit Rover and take him to the top of the construction site to run. Rover goes down the elevator without them! Stinky and Dirty must get back down so they can reunite with Rover.
Season 5
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