Season 3
The Stinky & Dirty Show
14 EPISODES • 2018
Season 3 of The Stinky & Dirty Show was released on August 13 and consists of 14 episodes.

Season 2


1: 1. Miles and Miles of Go City Smiles/The Fast Track
Aug 13, 2018
Miles and Miles of Go City Smiles - Stinky and Dirty are enlisted to take the photo for a billboard advertising Go City. But capturing a moment in time is harder than they imagined! The Fast Track - Zoom wants to meet Fast (they have so much in common - Tracks!), so Stinky and Dirty try to build a track to facilitate their friendship.
2: 2. Lunch Spot/No Rest For Red
Aug 13, 2018
Lunch Spot - When construction makes Cookie the food truck's usual lunchtime location unusable, Dirty and Stinky set out to find him a new parking spot. No Rest for Red - Red needs a place to rest, and Stinky invites her to park overnight at the Dump. But helping Red fall asleep gets in the way of a game of Melon Splats!
3: 3. Runaway Rover/The Great Spacey Chase
Aug 13, 2018
Runaway Rover - All systems are go for the Space Shuttle to launch from Go City carrying the space-trash collecting rover. But when Rover escapes, it's up to Stinky and Dirty to bring him back to the launchpad in time for the big blastoff! The Great Spacy Chase - As Spacy returns from space, Stinky and Dirty try to follow him in the air, and get to the landing strip at the same time on land!
4: 4. The Big Splat/Finding Ding Ding
Aug 13, 2018
The Big Splat - Stinky and Dirty find the biggest melon ever grown... and can't wait to play Melon Splat! Just one problem: the darn thing won't break and splat no matter what they do! Finding Ding Ding - When a buoy named Ding goes missing, only another buoy knows where he went and he needs Stinky and Dirty's help to find his pal... but this buoy is afraid of being on land!
5: 5. Traffic Jam-Boree/Late Night with Monster Truck
Aug 13, 2018
Traffic Jam-boree - Stinky and Dirty get caught in a slow moving traffic jam with lots of crabby cars and trucks. They use resourcefulness to cheer themselves up and end up making the best of a bad situation. Late Night with Monster Truck - Stinky and Dirty try to stay up late for the Monster Truck show they're excited about, but staying awake proves harder than they expect!
6: 6. Missed On My List/Clean Up Catastrophe
Aug 13, 2018
Missed On My List - Stinky and Dirty are tasked with bringing a list of items to the construction site/quarry - but remembering that list is harder than they thought. Clean Up Catastrophe - Dirty enlists Stinky to help he and his construction crew to clean up the messy construction site so it won't cause the trucks there to trip, fall, and drop their supplies!
7: Episode 7
Aug 20, 2018
8: Episode 8
Aug 27, 2018
9: Episode 9
Sep 3, 2018
10: Episode 10
Sep 10, 2018
11: Episode 11
Sep 17, 2018
12: Episode 12
Sep 24, 2018
13: Episode 13
Oct 1, 2018
14: Episode 14
Oct 8, 2018
Season 4
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