Season 1
Black Summer
8 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Black Summer was released on April 11 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Human Flow
Apr 11, 2019
At the onset of a zombie apocalypse, chaos descends as Rose loses her family, Ryan tries to get his bearings, and a desperate man finds a new guise.
2: Drive
Apr 11, 2019
William, Sun and Barbara try to drive to the stadium, but it's tougher than they thought: They're blocked by both living marauders and roving undead.
3: Summer School
Apr 11, 2019
Rose, Spears, Ryan and Lance find a refuge. Learning they're not alone, they're schooled on the dangers of following the heart rather than the head.
4: Alone
Apr 11, 2019
Forced to fend for themselves, the survivors that were left behind must improvise and look out for both the dead and the living.
5: Diner
Apr 11, 2019
Trapped in an abandoned diner, William and Sun must decide whether they can depend on the survivors from the truck as their alliance is tested.
6: Heist
Apr 11, 2019
The desperate yet determined group undertakes a daring hit on a weapons stash, but the pandemonium threatens to swallow them up.
7: The Tunnel
Apr 11, 2019
Soldiers arrive with both plans and promises. But questions remain as a survivor makes a bold move. Who can you trust? Where do your loyalties lie?
8: The Stadium
Apr 11, 2019
As the group approaches the stadium, everything goes sideways. The survivors blast through their bullets -- and their options.
Season 2
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