Season 2
Lost in Oz
13 EPISODES • 2018
13 new episodes of the mili-Emmy Award winning series Lost in Oz take Dorothy, Toto, and their friends to new, magical, and perilous lands, as well as some surprisingly familiar worlds. They'll make new friends, face new enemies, and reunite with loved ones from Emerald City and beyond!

Season 1


1: The Deadly Desert
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow find themselves stranded in the Deadly Desert after the tornado that was supposed to take them to Kansas was blown off course. Now, they have to make the treacherous trek across the sands of the desert to reach safety, but along the way, they encounter strange new obstacles and dangerous old enemies.
2: Magic from Nothing
Jun 8, 2018
Ever since West and Dorothy joined forces to defeat Langwidere, West has experienced an unexplained ability to create magic from nothing. With the help of Cyra and Glinda, she tries to gain control over her powers before they get her into trouble. Meanwhile in the Nome Kingdom, Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow are forced to work in the Nome King's Gift Dump, where Dorothy discovers a possible way to get them all back to Emerald City.
3: The Still Season
Jun 8, 2018
With the Nome Kingâ€TMs birthday fast approaching, Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow are running out of time to escape before theyâ€TMre stranded in the Nome Kingdom forever. Meanwhile, Glinda teaches West how to harness her powerful magic, until the two make a shocking discovery about the source of her abilities.
4: Villa Roquat
Jun 8, 2018
Motivated by his own selfishness, Roquat detours Dorothy and her friends on their journey back to Emerald City, and they find themselves once again forced to make a hasty escape. Meanwhile, Dorothy's friends back in Emerald City search for a way to communicate with their Kansas-bound friend and make a shocking discovery.
5: The Magic Map
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy and her friends find their journey across the Deadly Desert impeded by a fierce Wheeler, sent by General Guph to capture them. Meanwhile in Emerald City, the arrival of the Shadow Nome interrupts Westâ€TMs rescue mission, and sends her on the run as well.
6: Shortcut to Emerald City
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, and Roquat find a tunnel they think will lead them to Emerald City, but the magic tunnel seems to have ideas of its own. Meanwhile, West and her friends try to escape the Shadow Nome's clutches before he can deliver them to General Guph.
7: Going Forth
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy and her Emerald City friends find themselves trapped in her house after Guph sends it flying off on yet another magical tornado. But when it lands in a place no one expected, Dorothy is more resolved than ever to get everyone back home for good.
8: Kansas Magic
Jun 8, 2018
With Guph and his army marching on Emerald City, Dorothy is more determined than ever to get her friends back to Oz to warn Glinda. When West discovers that she can harness magic from Earth elements, the gang goes on a hunt for all the magic in Kansas.
9: The Eclipse
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy and her friends have collected all the magic they need to travel back to Oz through a portal opened by an upcoming eclipse. There's just one problem: Reigh's been captured by Animal Control! They'll have to save their friend before they can send everyone home once and for all.
10: Saving Cyra
Jun 8, 2018
Dorothy and Evelyn travel back to Oz with all their Ozian friends, just in time to save Cyra. But when Glinda finds herself unable to reverse the Nome magic, West goes against her better judgement to seek out the one person who might be able to bring back her mom.
11: The Nome Kings Belt
Jun 8, 2018
After escaping from the Nome Kingdom, Roquat journeys to Emerald City with a warning: Guph is coming for the Nome King's Belt, a powerful magical artifact that will allow him to take control of the Fairylands. Dorothy and her friends join together to find the Belt before it's too late.
12: Escape from the Nome Kingdom
Jun 8, 2018
When Guph swaps the populations of Emerald City and the Nome Kingdom, Dorothy and her friends are faced with the challenge of escaping the Deadly Desert without the aid of magic. Meanwhile in Emerald City, Guph finds ruling over all the magic in the Fairylands more difficult than he expected.
13: We Speak Mirror
Jun 8, 2018
Back in Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends must find a way to get the Nome King's Belt back from Guph so that they can bring all the Emerald Citizens home safely.
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