Season 1
Lost in Oz
26 EPISODES • 2015
In the first season of Lost in Oz, twelve-year-old Dorothy Gale and her trusty dog Toto teach for Glinda the Good in hopes that she can send them home to Kansas. Along the way they'll make some surprising new friends and share a magical adventure they never could have imagined.


1: Pilot
Jun 26, 2015
When 12-year-old Dorothy Gale discovers her mother's mysterious journal in her Kansas home, she and her dog, Toto, are transported into a bustling, modern Emerald City. Disoriented and determined to get home, Dorothy embarks on an epic journey with West, a young witch, and Ojo, a giant Munchkin, to seek the magic she needs - as Oz faces its greatest magic crisis.
2: Dorothy Meets a Lion
Aug 3, 2017
In her search for magic to get home, Dorothy goes looking for Glinda the Good, the most powerful witch in Emerald City. But when she crosses paths with Reigh, the Cowardly Lion, he steals her magic travel journal forcing Dorothy to track him down to retrieve it.
3: Monkeys Fly
Aug 3, 2017
After getting key information from Reigh, Dorothy unravels a puzzle to reveal Glinda's mysterious castle and must outsmart Fitz and the Winged Monkeys to get inside.
4: Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow
Aug 3, 2017
Dorothy enters Glinda's castle only to find out that the good witch is missing! Dorothy sets out to unravel the mystery with the only other inhabitant of the deserted castle, the Scarecrow, whose shoddy memory proves to be less than useful.
5: The Pearl of Pingaree
Aug 3, 2017
Dorothy's investigation into Glinda's disappearance leads her to the Munchkin Farm where she discovers a magical pearl that reveals the truth. Before she can use it to get closer to home, however, she's confronted by an emboldened Fitz.
6: Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!
Aug 3, 2017
After Dorothy identifies Fitz as the Crooked Magician, he steals Toto, forcing Dorothy to team up with Agent Pugmill to go on a rescue mission to get him back.
7: Little Black Lies
Aug 3, 2017
Langwidere convinces the team to retrieve Glinda's magical pearl, but when Dorothy and West can't agree on what rules they're willing to break to get it, Dorothy finds herself even further from home.
8: The Sticks
Aug 3, 2017
Dorothy and West go in search of Langwidere, but come face to face with Glinda herself. The Good Witch has a plan to send Dorothy home... but first they'll have to retrieve the stolen magic of Emerald City.
9: Down the Yellow Brick Line
Aug 3, 2017
On their way to find the stolen magic, Dorothy, West, Ojo, and Toto are taken prisoner by Fitz. When they're all captured, the whole team is forced to put aside their differences and work together to defeat a renegade band of Growleywogs.
10: Bogspeed, Little Shanks!
Aug 3, 2017
As the team zeroes in on the location of the missing magic, and Dorothy's ticket home, they're forced to enlist the help of the Growleywogs to defeat the Nomes.
11: 11:11
Aug 3, 2017
When Langwidere imprisons Dorothy and Toto inside a magical painting, our heroes find a secret portal that leads to an unexpected ally. Together, they must escape their painted prison before Langwidere takes over Emerald City, and makes Dorothy's return home an impossibility.
12: Welcome Back, Glinda
Aug 3, 2017
Dorothy, Toto, and Glinda must escape their painted prison and rally their friends before Langwidere can magically erase them from everyone's memories, change the course of history in Oz, and leave Dorothy and Toto stranded here forever.
13: Go For Kansas
Aug 3, 2017
Dorothy and her friends must sneak into Glinda's castle, now occupied by Langwidere, and defeat the wicked witch in order to restore Emerald City's memories and finally send Dorothy home.
14: The Deadly Desert
Jun 7, 2018
When Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow find themselves stranded in the Deadly Desert, they follow a mysterious beacon in search of help... but will it lead them to friends or foes?
15: Magic from Nothing
Jun 7, 2018
West struggles to control the powerful magic she's been experiencing ever since she and Dorothy defeated Langwidere. Meanwhile in the Nome Kingdom, Dorothy hatches a plan to escape with Toto and Scarecrow before it's too late.
16: The Still Season
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy finishes building her escape sandboat, but she'll need the wind in order to get back to Emerald City with her friends, and the Still Season is fast approaching. Meanwhile, West discovers the missing ingredient necessary to control her magical powers.
17: Villa Roquat
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy, Toto, and Scarecrow sail across the Deadly Desert with their new "frenemy" Roquat along for the ride, but an unexpected detour lands them in serious trouble.
18: The Magic Map
Jun 7, 2018
When General Guph sends his fiercest henchman after Dorothy and her friends, our heroes in both Emerald City and the Deadly Desert find themselves on the run.
19: Shortcut to Emerald City
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, and Roquat find themselves at the entrance to a mysterious tunnel that connects Emerald City and the Deadly Desert, but nothing can prepare them for what they find on the other side.
20: Going Forth
Jun 7, 2018
After General Guph fills Dorothy's journal with magic and sends her house flying away on another tornado, she and all her Emerald City friends find themselves lost again.
21: Kansas Magic
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy and her friends are trapped in Kansas, but with the shocking discovery that magic also exists in Dorothy's world, they may find a way back to Oz.
22: The Eclipse
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy finds all the magic she needs to send her friends back to Oz, but first they'll all have to join forces to save Reigh from Animal Control.
23: Saving Cyra
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy and her friends arrive back in Emerald City, where a desperate attempt to save Cyra leads West to seek help from an old foe.
24: The Nome Kings Belt
Jun 7, 2018
Dorothy and her friends must find the Nome King's Belt before Guph can get his hands on this magical artifact and take control of the Fairylands.
25: Escape from the Nome Kingdom
Jun 7, 2018
After Guph swaps the populations of Emerald City and the Nome Kingdom, Dorothy and her friends once again have to escape and find their way home.
26: We Speak Mirror
Jun 7, 2018
Outnumbered and out of magic, Dorothy and her friends must outwit Guph to retrieve the Nome King's Belt and save Emerald City.
Season 2
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