Season 4
The Boss Baby: Back in Business
12 EPISODES • 2020
Season 4 of The Boss Baby: Back in Business was released on November 17 and consists of 12 episodes.

Season 3


1: Yellow 100
Nov 17, 2020
As the newly named CEO, the Boss Baby sets a goal for baby love to hit 100%. But now everyone's working overtime to please him.
2: Pyg & Tam
Nov 17, 2020
The Boss Baby declares war on a new threat: a popular TV show starring a pygmy goat, a tamandua and their human handler.
3: Conference Room B
Nov 17, 2020
Company morale is so low that the Boss Baby throws a last-minute cupcake party, then sends a manager to help Tim handle some family business.
4: Game Plan
Nov 17, 2020
Boss Baby's next scheme to increase baby love? A petition to change the local soccer team's name from the Hive to the Babies.
5: Night Owls
Nov 17, 2020
After sneaking into a grown-up movie, Tim decides he's mature enough for the adult world. Meanwhile, Boss Baby sleeps over at a friend's house.
6: OCB
Nov 17, 2020
It's the Boss Baby's worst nightmare when a consultant comes to Baby Corp with zany ideas, then sets his sights on the CEO's job.
7: Chicago
Nov 17, 2020
On a trip to the Windy City to see Gigi and Grandpa, the Boss Baby comes face to face with an ambitious infant who's masquerading as an adult.
8: Baby Boss
Nov 17, 2020
The Boss Baby's away at a checkup, so it's up to interim manager Staci to fend off three wars: one from Pyg & Tam, one from OCB and one from Bug the Pug.
9: Boom Baby
Nov 17, 2020
Boss Baby discovers an old Mega Fat initiative called Project Boom — and it's threatening to ruin baby rights everywhere.
10: The Fumbling of Football Mike
Nov 17, 2020
After the Boss Baby accidentally sells Tim's favorite toy at a yard sale, he uses company resources to try and get it back.
11: Teambuilding
Nov 17, 2020
Baby Corp is dismantled and comms are down, but that won't stop the Boss Baby from rallying to reunite his employees. Tim spends one last day with Danny.
12: Theo 100
Nov 17, 2020
With diapers piling up in the Templetons' basement, the Boss Baby crafts a plan to break into Baby Corp, kick out his enemies and take his business back.
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