Season 3
The Boss Baby: Back in Business
11 EPISODES • 2020
Season 3 of The Boss Baby: Back in Business was released on March 16 and consists of 11 episodes.

Season 2


1: Bossa Nova
Mar 16, 2020
Ousted from the office and desperate for direction, an unemployed Boss Baby joins a mommy/daddy and me playgroup. But he isn't the only new member.
2: The Museum Job
Mar 16, 2020
A long line at the museum's family bathroom sends baby love into the toilet. Can the field team evict the potty squatter and get things moving?
3: Ga Ba Goo Ba Ga (The Babblist)
Mar 16, 2020
While the Boss Baby helps Tim sell magazines for a school fundraiser, a suspicious baby whisperer is breaking up the playgroup ... but why?
4: The Coo Chi Coup
Mar 16, 2020
The stage is set for corporate sabotage when Staci sends the Boss Baby undercover to take down Baby Corp's latest leader at a company retreat.
5: Lights, Camera, Org Chart!
Mar 16, 2020
Unruly baby Scooter Buskie sends shockwaves through the playgroup org chart — and all of babydom — when he lands the cover of the Bubbeezee catalog.
6: The Big Break
Mar 16, 2020
A broken bone sends the Boss Baby to a wisecracking doctor who fancies himself a comedian. In other news, Tim's lucky pencil is cursed.
7: Escape from Krinkle's
Mar 16, 2020
Boss Baby has an interview at Baby Corp — but first, he'll need to break out of a high-tech Bubbeezee playroom. Can the field team help him escape?
8: Puppy Party
Mar 16, 2020
A party in the park drags the Boss Baby into a dogfight with his old nemesis, Puppy Co.'s Bug the Pug — and the loser must don the "Collar of Shame."
9: Mega Fat
Mar 16, 2020
A flashback episode reveals everything that happened to Mega Fat between getting fired from Baby Corp and getting adopted by a famous journalist.
10: Halloween
Mar 16, 2020
Halloween is the perfect cover for the Boss Baby and his costumed field team to sneak into the belly of the beast. But Staci's got plans to stop them.
11: Who's a Good Baby?
Mar 16, 2020
Baby love has never been higher. But a crash is coming, and the Boss Baby and his crew are determined to bring Bubbeezee down for good.
Season 4
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