Larva Island
Season 1

Season 2

Mar 1, 2019

Season 2 of Larva Island was released on March 1 and consists of 13 episodes.

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1: Maze
Mar 1, 2019
Red and Yellow are lost in a mysterious maze, where they're chased by a unicycle-riding monkey toy and a hungry fish.
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2: Fire
Mar 1, 2019
Chuck tries to cook some delicious seafood, but Yellow keeps interfering because Red is trapped inside Chuck's fish!
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3: Beach Volleyball
Mar 1, 2019
After losing a game of beach volleyball to the mudskippers, Red, Yellow and friends recruit a mentor to train them.
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4: Larva Rangers 1
Mar 1, 2019
A city rat and his cronies -- including a hungry frog -- invade the island, forcing Red and Yellow to defend their home.
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5: Larva Rangers 2
Mar 1, 2019
A battle royale rages with the big-city invaders on one side and Red, Yellow and their island allies on the other.
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6: A Lucky Day
Mar 1, 2019
Fed up with Red and Yellow's antics, Chuck tries to set a trap and get rid of them forever.
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7: Crabsformer 2
Mar 1, 2019
Crabsformer falls in love with a lady crab, but she and the island's other crabs are frightened by his powers.
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8: Booby’s Love
Mar 1, 2019
Booby is lovestruck over an inflatable, rubber ducky-shaped inner tube, then mistakenly thinks it's laid an egg.
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9: Mango’s Parents
Mar 1, 2019
When the island's volcano starts to erupt, Mango tries to remember the magical drum spell that her parents once used to stop it.
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10: Iceberg
Mar 1, 2019
Just as the islanders are suffering from extreme summer heat, a rogue iceberg arrives to cool things off.
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11: Storm
Mar 1, 2019
When a typhoon hits the island, Chuck and the other islanders get sucked up inside of it and must poke its "eye" to stop it.
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12: Escape
Mar 1, 2019
The volcano erupts again, and a heroic Chuck springs into action. Can he get the islanders to safety?
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13: Drift
Mar 1, 2019
Adrift on a raft, Chuck, Red, Yellow, Clara and Crabsformer pull together as a team -- until their raft breaks up.
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