Season 1
Larva Island
13 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of Larva Island was released on October 19 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Mango
Oct 19, 2018
After eating mushrooms that make him sick, Red is captured by a mysterious masked creature with serious survival skills.
2: Mango 2
Oct 19, 2018
Yellow helps his pal plan a romantic night for two when Red gets a crush on a brave and pretty larva.
3: Larva Island
Oct 19, 2018
Larva friends Red and Yellow wake up to find themselves on a tropical island with exotic animals -- and one gigantic creature.
4: Chuck
Oct 19, 2018
Red and Yellow watch curiously as their human neighbor scribbles marks on a wall, tries to build a boat and eats a meal made entirely of greens.
5: Clara
Oct 19, 2018
Chuck meets a lovable seal who shares his girlfriend's name -- and becomes everyone's favorite creature on the island.
6: Crabsformer
Oct 19, 2018
After an extraterrestrial object lands on the island, a crab eats it and acquires unexpected powers.
7: Fishing
Oct 19, 2018
When hungry Chuck goes fishing, using Red and Yellow as bait, he catches a huge fish with a swordlike beak and some crazy fight moves.
8: Pendant
Oct 19, 2018
After a mudskipper steals Chuck's locket, Red and Yellow venture into the underground fish world to get it back.
9: Lala Island
Oct 19, 2018
Lonely Yellow gets stuck in a glass bottle that ships him to New York City, where he reunites with old friends -- and an old flame.
10: Master Chef
Oct 19, 2018
Everyone on the island loves Yellow's yummy dishes, inspiring a jealous Red to train himself in the art of cooking.
11: Farming
Oct 19, 2018
Red and Yellow discover corn kernels in a booby bird's droppings and decide to plant them, only to learn they've created a monster.
12: Pirate
Oct 19, 2018
A spooky hat Clara fetches from the ocean turns Chuck into an evil pirate, complete with a ship and a skeleton crew.
13: Change
Oct 19, 2018
Chuck learns what it's like to be a larva on the island when lightning strikes -- and he switches bodies with Yellow!
Season 2
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