Season 2
Cupcake & Dino - General Services
26 EPISODES • 2019
Cupcake & Dino are back for more adventures in the limitless world of general services, where no job is too big, small, or silly for this dynamic duo!

Season 1


1: Cupcake & Dino Go Hollywood
May 3, 2019
The boys go Hollywood as actors in a movie directed by a coffee pot.
2: Barbershop Duet
May 3, 2019
Dino steps up when the town needs a barber, but he's not too great with scissors.
3: Skull Peninsula
May 3, 2019
Cup battles pirates for butter so Dino can free his backside from a crevice.
4: We Are the Pile
May 3, 2019
Cup starts a junk collection that takes on a life of its own.
5: Snail Score
May 3, 2019
The guys make a bet with Peetree over who can get the best customer ratings.
6: Be Your Best Boo
May 3, 2019
Dino wants to be super scary for Halloween.
7: Kindergarten Cup
May 3, 2019
Cupcake gets childish when he and Dino become kindergarten teachers.
8: Uncle Chance: General Servicer
May 3, 2019
Slugs force Uncle Chance to shutter the store, so he joins C and D on some jobs.
9: Ultimate Dino
May 3, 2019
Dino becomes the newest star in the sport of ultimate sports disk.
10: Slumber Sisters
May 3, 2019
The boys try to sneak their way into a tween bear's girls-only sleepover.
11: Little Mister Big City Pageant
May 3, 2019
When Cupcake competes in a pageant for babies, mild-mannered Hugo gets upset.
12: Follow the Leader
May 3, 2019
A lawn mowing gig reveals a hidden tribe of gnomes.
13: Gavin Moonboom & Princie Baba
May 3, 2019
Cup and Dino are sad to learn that their business heroes don't get along.
14: Cupcake & Dino Are on the Lam
May 3, 2019
C and D go on the run when they ruin Uncle Chance's beloved photo.
15: Rest Now, Dino
May 3, 2019
A weary Dino gets delirious when he can't bring himself to say no to a job.
16: Cupcake & Dino Are Catsitters!
May 3, 2019
The guys take a gig looking after Officer Bees's flea-ridden kitty.
17: Cupcake & Dino Top the Charts
May 3, 2019
Cup and Dino neglect their best friends when they become recording stars.
18: Switched at Birth
May 3, 2019
Dino acts more like an "adult" when he learns he's older than Cupcake.
19: Big City: The Documentary
May 3, 2019
C and D try to win a film festival with a documentary about Big City.
20: Best Friend Matchmakers
May 3, 2019
The guys develop an app for matching up best friends ... but there's a glitch!
21: Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling!
May 3, 2019
Cup and Dino develop wrestling characters named "Nightmare" and "Swan."
22: Keepin' It Real
May 3, 2019
The boys work their way up in the Big City real estate game.
23: Old School Pool Rules
May 3, 2019
Bullies interrupt the boys' relaxing day off at the pool.
24: The Night Shift
May 3, 2019
Two cool guys working the night shift at the Goody Bag might not actually be cool.
25: Fortune Teller Dino
May 3, 2019
Dino thinks his new talking octopus doll can predict the future.
26: Pal House
May 3, 2019
Cup, Dino, Hugo, Chance, Vicky and Steak appear on the reality show "Pal House."
Season 3
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