Kong: King of the Apes
Season 2

Season 1

Apr 15, 2016

Season 1 of Kong: King of the Apes was released on April 15 and consists of 13 episodes.

Episode Ratings


1: The Adventure Begins
Apr 15, 2016
As baby Kong grows into a powerful ape, Lukas and his scientist father do all they can to protect him. But someone else wants Kong out of the picture.
2: Snake in the Grass
Apr 15, 2016
Lukas, Kong and friends race to save Anita's niece from a giant anaconda, while Richard plots to turn the snake into a high-tech fighting machine.
3: Kong in 3D
Apr 15, 2016
When Kong is caught stealing diamonds on live TV, Lukas knows something fishy is going on. Can he uncover the truth and save his pal's reputation?
4: Poacher's Prize
Apr 15, 2016
As the team heads to Richard's lab to rescue liger clones, Jonesy finds a way to make Kong invisible. But the camouflage keeps wearing off too soon!
5: King's Ransom
Apr 15, 2016
Richard captures one of the team and lays a trap for the others. Kong must confront his biggest fear to save Lukas from a pair of nasty robo-sharks.
6: Little Bots Big Problems
Apr 15, 2016
In public, Richard plays the hero to set an evil new plan in motion. Danny and Panchi visit the island in disguise to find out what he's up to.
7: Botila-Zilla
Apr 15, 2016
Kong and team scramble to hide from the police and come face-to-face with Richard's latest creation: a robotic T. rex with the mind of Botila.
8: Bionic Arms Race
Apr 15, 2016
As Richard sells his biono-bots to armies around the world, Jonesy tries to hack into Botila's system to uncover the grand plan.
9: Honey I Shrunk the Kong
Apr 15, 2016
A shrink-ray attack leaves a tiny Kong in the clutches of Richard and Botila. And this time, he can't rely on his super strength to survive.
10: Kong on Ice
Apr 15, 2016
As the team races to stop an alarming new threat in the Arctic, Kong learns to fight on ice and Botila takes a defiant step.
11: Takeover
Apr 15, 2016
Botila turns the tables on Richard and picks up a disturbing new habit. Lukas and friends consider a surprising request.
12: Robosquitos
Apr 15, 2016
As Richard prepares to unleash a swarm of insects armed with sinister powers, Panchi's birthday makes Kong curious about his own birth family.
13: Missing
Apr 15, 2016
While Jonesy and Amy deliver the antidote, Lukas and the kids search for Kong. Richard lures the team into a final showdown on the rim of a volcano.