Season 2
Beat Bugs
26 EPISODES • 2016
Season 2 of Beat Bugs was released on November 18 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 1


1: Yellow Submarine
Nov 18, 2016
When the garden floods, the Beat Bugs turn an old bottle into a submarine. Jay and Walter butt heads over a game of Bug ball.
2: I Call Your Name
Nov 18, 2016
After a game of bugball, Walter and Jay have an argument about their gameplay, and refuse to talk to each other. The others stage an elaborate ruse to help them make amends. The pair resolve their differences and learn to play as a team.
3: With a Little Help From My Friends
Nov 18, 2016
Buzz is inspired by Walter to create a stage spectacular of her own, designed for all of the Beat Bugs to enjoy. However, when she won't accept help from anyone, the show doesn't go as planned. Buzz learns the importance of getting help from friends when they help her stage an even better performance.
4: Get Back
Nov 18, 2016
After Jay accidentally ruins his friends' work at the village art show, he runs away to a farm, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. The bugs go after Jay to let him know they forgive his mistake. He apologizes and returns home.
5: Mr Moonlight
Nov 18, 2016
Crick recalls the time that Mr. Moonlight disappeared after believing that the Beat Bugs liked Mr. Sun more than him. With the night left in total darkness, the bugs banded together to let the moon know that he was appreciated. Mr. Moonlight returned to the village, and hasn't gone away since.
6: There's a Place
Nov 18, 2016
When Crick doesn't win any medals at the annual Bug Games, he feels disappointed and untalented. But when the backyard cat threatens to ruin the award ceremony, Crick saves the day using his own special talents and wins the Bug of the Games award.
7: We Can Work it Out
Nov 18, 2016
During a mountain climbing competition, Jay and Walter have a disagreement when Walter believes Jay is pushing him too hard and Jay thinks Walter isn't trying hard enough. Jay then tries to climb the mountain without his partner, but when he has an accidental fall, he and Walter learn how to use each other's talents to work as a team.
8: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Nov 18, 2016
Walter longs for a performer for a friend, and feels at home when the circus, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, comes to town. Walter is invited to assist in the ringmaster duties, and, impressed with his talent, Sgt. Pepper asks him to take over the role permanently. Walter decides to leave with the circus, but is in turn convinced by the Beat Bugs to stay.
9: Christmas Time is Here Again
Nov 18, 2016
It's Christmas time and Buzz has her heart set on meeting Christmas Beetle, after she sends him a letter requesting a visit. The Beat Bugs try to keep Buzz awake on Christmas eve to help her fulfill her wish. They all fall asleep and miss seeing Christmas Beetle, however in the morning, Buzz tracks down her hero and her wish comes true.
10: Drive My Car
Nov 18, 2016
The bugs meet a remote-controlled car named Dee-structor, who has no idea who controls him, and is saddened by this lack of power and choice. Crick breaks off the car's antenna and allows Dee-structor to finally take control of himself.
11: Tomorrow Never Knows
Nov 18, 2016
Julia loses her rainbow brooch in the backyard and the bugs set off to find it. Once Kumi spots it, the friends use the ornament as a boat to sail back to the Big House across puddles of rain. They then leave the brooch in the garden for Julia to find.
12: Nowhere Man
Nov 18, 2016
On their way to go camping, the Beat Bugs lose their map and become lost. While searching for the map, the friends meet the elusive Nowhere Man, who turns out to be a worm named Warren, who is not as scary as he once seemed. Warren helps the bugs find their way home.
13: Strawberry Fields Forever
Nov 18, 2016
While in the strawberry fields, the bugs warn a trio of hungry mynah birds not to eat too much, as they fear there might not be enough strawberries to last forever. The friends think of a plan, involving a scarecrow, to send the birds away and save the fields.
14: The Fool on the Hill
Nov 18, 2016
The friends find a garden gnome on the hill which they believe is alive. Cockroach secretly pretends to be the gnome by giving the ornament a voice, in an attempt to scam the Beat Bugs into finding food for him. Sceptical, Kumi discovers Cockroach and tricks him into revealing his deceit.
15: And Your Bird Can Sing
Nov 18, 2016
Jay decides to visit the Big House for his holiday while the other bugs explore the Wonders of the Village. However, when neither of the expeditions go as planned, Blackbird helps Jay finally see the house up close.
16: I'll Follow the Sun
Nov 18, 2016
Kumi is upset when she finds out that Blackbird's wing has healed and she will be leaving the garden to rejoin her flock. Kumi tries to get her friend to stay, but later realises that Blackbird belongs with her flock and she must say goodbye.
17: Hello Goodbye
Nov 18, 2016
A human drops his mobile phone in the backyard, leaving the bugs fascinated by the device. They try to work out what it is, before Kumi inadvertently answers a call, helping the friends to learn what the phone can do. The human finds his phone and the bugs decide to make their own communication device.
18: Got to Get You Into My Life
Nov 18, 2016
Feeling like he doesn't share any interests with his friends, Walter he finds comfort in "befriending" an inanimate ball. The other bugs discover that the ball is a lost toy of Bulldog's which has been missing. Walter returns the ball to the dog and reunites with his real friends.
19: Eleanor Rigby
Nov 18, 2016
A duo of filmmaking flies arrive to capture footage of an elusive creature, rumoured to be named Eleanor Rigby, who has been roaming the village. In a moment of truth, the figure turns out to be Kumi, but the filmmakers are disheartened that they have not found the "real" Eleanor Rigby. The flies vow to continue their search.
20: I'm So Tired
Nov 18, 2016
The Mudwasps are renovating their home and the noise is keeping the Beat Bugs awake at night, so the friends volunteer to lend a hand in the constructions. The bugs make a mess of the house, but the Mudwasps love it anyway, leaving them all free to get some sleep.
21: Hey Bulldog
Nov 18, 2016
Crick uses a speech decoding machine to find out more about his new friend Bulldog. The bugs discover he is a stray and has dreams of becoming a sheepdog. The humans of the Big House decide to keep Bulldog as a pet, who is beyond pleased to become a guard dog for the family.
22: I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
Nov 18, 2016
The bugs find an old chess table top in the garbage and decide to use it as the dance floor for a dress-up dance party. Milli Pede and Morgs are hesitant to attend, but Jay helps them find the confidence to step outside of their comfort zones.
23: It Won't Be Long
Nov 18, 2016
A human has been gardening in the backyard, and Buzz and Morgs fall into a deep hole in the ground. The other bugs plan to use Doris's rope ladder to get them out, but before they can come to the rescue, Buzz discovers a tunnel which leads the pair out of the hole.
24: Any Time at All
Nov 18, 2016
Buzz has an encounter with Meow the cat which leaves her too scared to go outside. The bugs give her a device allowing her to call for their help at any time. However, when Buzz calls upon the bugs' help too much, her friends fail to come to her rescue when a real emergency strikes, leaving Buzz to face the cat alone.
25: Please Mr Postman
Nov 18, 2016
Buzz hurts her ankle on the way to the beach and is ordered to bed rest. With Postman Bee's help, the bugs send a letter to Blackbird asking her to help cheer up Buzz with a visit, as she once had a broken wing herself. Blackbird arrives and spends some time with the bugs at the beach.
26: Across the Universe
Nov 18, 2016
The bugs' home is at stake when the humans of the house decide to pave the backyard with concrete. The friends float in bubbles up to the Big House to ask Julia to save the garden. As a result, the young girl hears the bugs and convinces her mother to leave the backyard as it is.
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