Beat Bugs
Season 2

Season 1

Jul 25, 2016

Season 1 of Beat Bugs was released on July 25 and consists of 26 episodes.

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1: Help
Jul 25, 2016
When a stubborn Jay becomes trapped in a jam jar, he has to rely on the help of his friends to get him out of the sticky situation.
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2: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Jul 25, 2016
When Buzz has trouble sleeping, Crick's scientific logic is challenged as the bugs seek the help of an alternative sleep doctor called Lucy the Dragonfly.
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3: I Am the Walrus
Jul 25, 2016
Walter tells Buzz the story of how he met the Beat Bugs. It's a story about believing in yourself, facing your fears and an egg-man.
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4: I'm a Loser
Jul 25, 2016
Morgs the stick bug becomes sick of everyone mistaking him for a stick, but realizes that being a stick bug has more benefits than he thought.
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5: Come Together
Jul 25, 2016
When the Beat Bugs can't agree on whose house to play in, Crick builds an amazing tree house that everyone can enjoy.
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6: Rain
Jul 25, 2016
After a constant downpour hits the village, Buzz learns you can make fun out of any situation...even rain.
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7: Good Day Sunshine
Jul 25, 2016
When Mr Sun takes an extended holiday, winter is longer than ever. The bugs have to find a way of getting Mr Sun back before the whole village freezes.
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8: Sun King
Jul 25, 2016
After feeling as though she has no special talent, Buzz goes on a journey of self-discovery to find she has the greatest talent of all.
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9: Penny Lane
Jul 25, 2016
When Crick feels as though no one notices him, the other Beat Bugs create a place where he can be the centre of attention.
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10: Birthday
Jul 25, 2016
It's Jay and Crick's birthday and a surprise party is in the works. But when the map to the party is ripped, it looks like they might not be there to enjoy it.
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11: I've Just See a Face
Jul 25, 2016
After Jay sees Julia's face up close, none of his friends believe his story. Jay leads his friends on an expedition to the Big House to try and prove them wrong.
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12: Magical Mystery Tour
Jul 25, 2016
The Beat Bugs meet an eloquent showman grasshopper with an offer of an amazing adventure. But this adventure isn't what they had in mind.
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13: When I'm 64
Jul 25, 2016
After mistaking an old alarm clock for a time machine, Jay gets a glimpse of what his life will be like in the future.
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14: Doctor Robert
Jul 25, 2016
Buzz refuses to go see Dr Robert with her friends due to her fear of doctors. But after an altercation with cat mucus, Buzz has no choice but to face her fears.
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15: Ticket to Ride
Jul 25, 2016
When the Beat Bugs build a carnival ride, only Kumi takes care of her ticket, and the others learn that being responsible can be more fun in the end.
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16: Getting Better
Jul 25, 2016
When his friends become ill, Crick builds a robot to look after them. At first Doctor Robot does a great job - but then he malfunctions.
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17: Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite
Jul 25, 2016
When Julia's kite crashes in the garden, badly torn, Crick and the Bugs try to find a way to help old Mr Kite fly again.
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18: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Jul 25, 2016
After an argument with the Beat Bugs, Walter storms off to find new friends. So the Bugs decide to show him how much they love him..
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19: Day Tripper
Jul 25, 2016
While trying to help a Cicada, the Beat Bugs become stranded near the Big House. Somehow they have to get home before dark - but how?
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20: In My Life
Jul 25, 2016
The Beat Bugs are having a birthday party for Katter the Pillar - when she starts to change in a way none of them expected.
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21: Why Don't We Do It on the Road
Jul 25, 2016
After the Bugs foolishly decide to play on the road, it's up to Walter to find his inner hero and save his friends from disaster.
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22: The Word
Jul 25, 2016
The Beat Bugs meet a strange young bug called Melvin, who loves games. But when he sets them an impossible puzzle, they feel trapped.
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23: Glass Onion
Jul 25, 2016
When the Beat Bugs find a beautiful glass Christmas ornament, they can't agree on who should keep it. But then it mysteriously disappears.
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24: Honey Pie
Jul 25, 2016
After Postman Bee's grandmother forgets the recipe to his favourite pie, the Beat Bugs come up with an elaborate plan to jog her memory.
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25: Carry That Weight
Jul 25, 2016
When a bicycle destroys the Ants' home, the Bugs invite them to move in. But they soon discover living with a colony of Ants isn't easy.
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26: Blackbird
Jul 25, 2016
Lost in daydreams, Blackbird crashes into Mr Moonlight and breaks her wing. After finding her in the garden, the Beat Bugs try to help her fly again.
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