Chef's Table
Season 5

Volume 6

Feb 22, 2019

A renowned Italian butcher, an Indian chef in London and two stars of Southern U.S. cuisine share their culinary journeys.

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1: Mashama Bailey
Feb 22, 2019
Inside a former segregated bus station in Savannah, Georgia, Mashama Bailey pays homage to history as she puts a new spin on Southern food traditions.
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2: Dario Cecchini
Feb 22, 2019
Charismatic Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini grew up eating every part of the cow but steak. Now he's out to change how the world thinks about meat.
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3: Asma Khan
Feb 22, 2019
On her unlikely journey from Calcutta tomboy to celebrated London chef, Asma Khan has shattered conventions and created new opportunities for women.
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4: Sean Brock
Feb 22, 2019
Obsessive. Perfectionist. Workaholic. Sean Brock's dedication to reviving lost flavors reinvigorated Southern cuisine -- and nearly destroyed him.
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