Chef's Table
Season 4 Season 6

Volume 5

Sep 28, 2018

This season, meet four innovative chefs who are shaking up the food culture in Philadelphia, Istanbul, Bangkok and Barcelona.

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1: Cristina Martínez
Sep 28, 2018
Drawing on her family's rich barbacoa tradition, Cristina Martínez has become a Philadelphia food star -- and a voice for undocumented immigrants.
2: Musa Dağdeviren
Sep 28, 2018
At Istanbul's Çiya, "food anthropologist" Musa Dagdeviren meticulously re-creates regional Turkish dishes in a bid to keep them from going extinct.
3: Bo Songvisava
Sep 28, 2018
Frustrated by the dearth of authentic Thai cuisine, Bo Songvisava revives bold, complex local flavors in her sustainable Bangkok restaurant.
4: Albert Adrià
Sep 28, 2018
After years as the creative director of El Bulli, innovator Albert Adrià now presides over an "amusement park" of genre-bending Barcelona eateries.