Dawn of the Croods
Season 2

Season 1

Dec 24, 2015

Season 1 of Dawn of the Croods was released on December 24 and consists of 17 episodes.

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1: A Gran Day Out
Dec 24, 2015
When Gran moves into the cave with the Croods, she drives Grug nuts and embarrasses Eep in front of the first-ever group of cool kids.
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2: School of Hard Rocks
Dec 24, 2015
Eep loves to compete, so she teams up with her new friend Lerk and plans to win a school hunting exam, no matter what she has to do.
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3: Wet Hot Ahhh! Valley Summer
Dec 24, 2015
A dare contest makes Eep and Thunk do something crazy at the Watering Hole, and Ugga must overcome her fear of water to save them.
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4: Grug vs. the Moon
Dec 24, 2015
Grug starts a fight with the moon.
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5: This Means Warts
Dec 24, 2015
After snobby neighbors move in next door and complain about a bone pile blocking their backyard view, the Croods start the first prank war ever.
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6: The First Picture Show
Dec 24, 2015
Everyone loves it when Thunk uses shadow puppets to make the world's first movie ... until they see the end of the show.
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7: Caved & Confused
Dec 24, 2015
When Grug and Ugga go out on a date and leave the kids home alone, Eep throws the first-ever house party, which gets out of control.
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8: The Eep-Over
Dec 24, 2015
Eep invites her friends over for the first sleepover in history.
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9: Thunkytown
Dec 24, 2015
Thunk saves the day when wacky beasts invade.
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10: Mom Genes
Dec 24, 2015
Grug takes Ugga out to practice her hunting skills, but there are some kinds of animals that she just can't seem to catch.
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11: Garden of Eaten
Dec 24, 2015
When Eep becomes a veg-a-eat-ian, the family hunts for the biggest veggies they can find -- until something makes them go back to eating meat.
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12: Night of the Living Croods
Dec 24, 2015
Grug is called a zombie after taking the world's first nap.
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13: A Spoonful of Soo-gar
Dec 24, 2015
After the Croods taste a new food for the first time, they can't stop eating it.
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14: Friday Night Liyotes
Dec 24, 2015
Grug won't let Eep join his winning team, so she forms her own group to play in history's first sports event.
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15: The Crood Who Knew Too Much
Dec 24, 2015
An animal bite has a freaky effect on Grug.
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16: Scent of a Thunk
Dec 24, 2015
Because he is so stinky, Thunk pretends to be something that he really isn't.
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17: Unsolved MysterEep
Dec 24, 2015
When two things go missing in the middle of the night, Eep hunts for clues to solve the first mystery ever.
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