Season 2
6 EPISODES • 2016
Season 2 of Letterkenny was released on December 25 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 1


1: A Fuss at the Ag Hall
Dec 25, 2016
The hicks attempt to establish order at the Ag Hall while Reilly and Jonesy make the jump to Senior hockey.
2: The Election
Dec 25, 2016
The hicks, skids and hockey players participate in a Letterkenny election.
3: Relationships
Dec 25, 2016
Wayne doubles down on finding love.
4: The Native Flu
Dec 25, 2016
Reilly and Jonesy have an away game on the Rez.
5: Uncle Eddie's Trust
Dec 25, 2016
Wayne and Katy inherit some money. Folks from Letterkenny pitch them on why it should be theirs.
6: Finding Stormy a Stud
Dec 25, 2016
Tension rises around Letterkenny while Wayne looks for a stud to breed with his beloved German Shepherd "Stormy."
Season 3
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