Season 2
VeggieTales in the City
26 EPISODES • 2017
The faith-based fun continues as Larry, Bob and the Veggie gang tackle new problems and explore new places, from the Wild West to outer space.

Season 1


1: Stranded
Sep 15, 2017
When the Veggies get stranded, Bob emerges as a leader but gets too comfortable.
2: Junior Gets a Sister
Sep 15, 2017
When the Asparagus family gets a new baby sister, Junior is no longer the center of attention.
3: The Movie Star
Sep 15, 2017
Madame Blueberry gets prideful when cast to star with Tom Celeriac.
4: New in Town
Sep 15, 2017
Larry makes a new friend, but Jimmy and Tina wanted nothing to do with him.
5: The Hottest Pepper in the West
Sep 15, 2017
Larry and Jimmy get carried away when trying to out-do each other in an eating contest.
6: Karate Pirate Space Posse
Sep 15, 2017
After the Veggies clash during playtime, they realize compromise and playing together is much more fun.
7: Plane vs. Train
Sep 15, 2017
Ichabeezer brags about his train being the fastest so Bob and Larry challenge him to a race.
8: Larry's Baby Birdies
Sep 15, 2017
Larry decides to care for a nest of baby birdies he finds on the ground.
9: Two of a Kind
Sep 15, 2017
Bob and Larry are the perfect complements to each other until Bob belittles Larry's role in the duo.
10: Moving to the City
Sep 15, 2017
Bob moves to the city to join Larry after he gets a job but realizes the city is not for him.
11: An Ichabeezer Christmas
Sep 15, 2017
Ichabeezer is visited by three spirits on Christmas eve to remind him of what is really important in life.
12: A Christmas Play
Sep 15, 2017
Bob wants to put on the biggest and flashiest Christmas play ever.
13: Ichaburgertopia
Sep 15, 2017
Ichabezzer asks Bob and Larry and their friends to build an Ichaburgertopia, but then they fail buildings due to their laziness. Later it rains and Ichaburgertopia falls down. Bob and Larry do manage to save Ichabezzer. After hard work on the building, Bob and Larry are offered free burgers.
14: The Truth Hurts
Sep 15, 2017
Larry trains people to make toy robots and learns the importance of being honest in a loving way.
15: Employee Fun Day
Sep 15, 2017
Ichabeezer wants to give his employee a Fun Day, but takes them to do things only he finds fun.
16: Bringing Home the Bacon
Sep 15, 2017
Bacon Bill and his band practice for a big concert but keep the neighbors up.
17: Books of the Bible
Sep 15, 2017
Mayor Archibald teams Granny and Larry, Corn and Carrot Men, Bob and Jerry, Mr. Lunt and Laura, and Bill and Madame Blueberry in pairs to study the books of the Bible.
18: Monster in the Closet
Sep 15, 2017
Bacon Bill believes a monster is in his closet and teams up with Larry to overcome his fear.
19: Arcade Showdown
Sep 15, 2017
Bob gets a high score in an old video game but must learn the importance of humility.
20: The Audition
Sep 15, 2017
When Tom Celeriac doesn't get the part in a town play, he takes matters into his own hands.
21: The Singing, Dancing Lobster
Sep 15, 2017
Larry finds a lobster that sings and dances only when no one else is looking.
22: It's Skatin' Time
Sep 15, 2017
Larry cheats to be the best skateboarder, but when cheating backfires he learns that practice is the only way to go.
23: The Last Issue
Sep 15, 2017
LarryBoy refuses to leave when waiting for a comic book, but must make a choice when Motato attacks.
24: Bob's Great Store
Sep 15, 2017
Bob takes over Pa's store and learns that running a store isn't easy.
25: Attack of the Marshmallow Laser
Sep 15, 2017
Motato makes a laser that shoots marshmallows.
26: Bye Bye Bacon Bill
Sep 15, 2017
Bacon Bill is supposed to move away to inherit his grandfather's factory, but Larry has trouble accepting that. While Bob tries to help Larry say goodbye to his friend, the others decide to make it a day for Bill to remember.
Season 3
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