Season 1
VeggieTales in the City
26 EPISODES • 2017
Larry, Bob and their Veggie pals expand their horizons, presenting colorful, inspiring tales from the city as well as their own backyards.


1: Burgers for Sale
Feb 24, 2017
Ichabeezer gets a tough lesson in customer relations at his new burger joint.
2: Night Phony
Feb 24, 2017
Envious of Junior's jetpack, Laura tries out Motato's Helmet of Doom.
3: Space Pirates!
Feb 24, 2017
Larry wants to be the first veggie on the moon, but pirate Motato has other ideas.
4: Rooney on the Run
Feb 24, 2017
Laura's puppy-training plan goes awry after she lets Rooney escape.
5: Junior Saves the West
Feb 24, 2017
Set in the Wild West, Junior Asparagus challenges Jakeasaurus to an "annoying showdown".
6: The Treasure Hunt
Feb 24, 2017
Bob and Larry follow a map that leads them all around the house and back yard to buried treasure. But they have different ideas on what to do with the treasure.
7: Race Ya!
Feb 24, 2017
Laura and Junior get consumed competing on a family winter vacation.
8: Larry the Substitute
Feb 24, 2017
Larry the substitute teacher teaches Bob's music class but can't concentrate.
9: Pizza Eclipse
Feb 24, 2017
Bob forgives Larry when he misses the rare solar eclipse, but Larry won't forgive Bob when his pizza is destroyed.
10: The Robot
Feb 24, 2017
Bob and Larry pretend to be robots, fooling everyone in the city, but end up attracting the attention of the evil Motato.
11: Delivery Boys
Feb 24, 2017
Larry and Bacon Bill compete as delivery boys.
12: "Dueling Mascots
Feb 24, 2017
Pa Grape hires Bob and Larry as mascots, so Ichaburger hires Bacon Bill and Tina Celerina to compete.
13: Bob's Collection
Feb 24, 2017
Bob gets the chance of a lifetime to be a curator of a sock museum.
14: The Cookie Caper
Feb 24, 2017
When Granny Asparagus gives Bob and Larry fresh cookies, Bob is reluctant to share.
15: The Rocket Boot
Feb 24, 2017
When Ichabeezer flaunts his new fancy rocket boot, Larry will do anything to get one too.
16: The Many Versions of Larry
Feb 24, 2017
Larry thinks he's bland, so he tries acting like other people.
17: Aprilcot
Feb 24, 2017
A new villain named Aprilcot tries to split up LarryBoy & the League of Veggies.
18: X Marks the Spot
Feb 24, 2017
Bob, Larry, Bacon Bill and Tina join Ichabeezer for a game of pirates.
19: The Priceless Sock
Feb 24, 2017
Larry mistakenly destroys Bob's antique sock and explores all over to try and replace it.
20: Jimmy Makes a Comic Book
Feb 24, 2017
Jimmy takes credit for the LarryBoy comic book that Bob made.
21: The Book Club
Feb 24, 2017
Bob excludes Larry when he wants to join an exclusive book club.
22: The Lost Dust Bunny
Feb 24, 2017
Mayor Archibald asks Bob and Larry to watch over a herd of dust bunnies.
23: The Water Slide
Feb 24, 2017
Bob must help Larry be brave when a new intimidating water slide opens in town.
24: Story Time
Feb 24, 2017
Bob teaches his class about honesty using three different stories.
25: Prodigal Junior
Feb 24, 2017
Junior spends the money his mom gave him for milk on comic books instead.
26: Where's the Mayor
Feb 24, 2017
Aprilcot uses a costume of Mayor Archibald in order to gain control of the Veggie House.
Season 2
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