Season 7
Queer Eye
7 EPISODES • 2023
Join the party with the Fab Five in the city of New Orleans for a new season of inspirational heroes — and beautiful before-and-afters.

Season 6


1: Queer Eye for the Lambda Chi
May 12, 2023
A kindhearted crew of fraternity brothers go from boys to men as they spruce up their house and sharpen their hosting skills for an important event.
2: Superfan Steph
May 12, 2023
A sports superfan who hides behind hats and logos sets a goal to become a better partner for the woman she loves before they move into their new home.
3: Speedy for Life
May 12, 2023
After a traumatic accident, a young man wants to inspire others but hides his own sadness. Can the Fab Five – and a returning hero – help him open up?
4: Jenni Seckel's Diary
May 12, 2023
The Fab Five help a selfless educator who goes all in for her students and co-workers show herself some love and see that she's more than her job.
5: Deli Dan is a Dream Man
May 12, 2023
A gruff deli owner with a big personality pours all of his energy into his business, but his girlfriend is craving more of his time and attention.
6: Ms. Mary Quite Contrary
May 12, 2023
A hardworking hero who spent years in prison and helps the formerly incarcerated rebuild their lives is ready to move forward and embrace her own future.
7: Sowing the Seeds
May 12, 2023
A pioneering farmer who feeds his community with fresh, healthy food struggles to see his own self-worth. Enter the Fab Five to help grow his confidence.
Season 8
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