Season 6
Queer Eye
10 EPISODES • 2021
The Fab Five bring love and light to the Lone Star State, where everything’s bigger — from the stars at night to the heartfelt transformations.

Season 5


1: Showdown at The Broken Spoke
Dec 31, 2021
A honky-tonk dance instructor known for her Daisy Dukes isn't your typical grandma. Her daughter wants her to rein it in – but change won't be easy.
2: Angel Gets Her Wings
Dec 31, 2021
A trans powerlifter dominates in the gym but struggles with self confidence in public. Can the Fab Five help her harness her inner strength?
3: No More Bull
Dec 31, 2021
A rugged rancher grew up fast as one of the youngest Army Ranchers in history. Now he longs for a wife and family, but his habits need serious help.
4: A Night to Remember
Dec 31, 2021
The Fab Five help a high school prom committee deal with the stress and loss of a difficult year as they plan an outdoor dance during a pandemic.
5: Craw-Zaddy
Dec 31, 2021
Years after his wife's passing, a quirky restaurant owner is ready for change. But both he and his old school eatery remain trapped in days gone by.
6: Community Allied
Dec 31, 2021
When the pandemic revealed inequities in her community, a passionate health care professional took action. Now it's her turn to practice self-care.
7: Snow White of Central Texas
Dec 31, 2021
The overworked founder of a rescue organization for special-needs animals is so busy taking care of others that she doesn't make time for herself.
8: Gimme Shelter
Dec 31, 2021
A hardworking humanitarian with big dreams and a selfless heart steps up his style to raise money for a state-of-the-art community for the homeless.
9: A Legend in the Baking
Dec 31, 2021
The gang gets cooking with a funky, eclectic baker who's seen hard times and needs a boost to be the face of her business again. The results are sweet.
10: The Mis-Inspiration of Reggie Devore
Dec 31, 2021
A gifted rapper lost his passion for making music when a global pandemic put his career on pause. Can the Fab Five help him get his groove back?
Season 7
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