The Newsroom - Season 3: Trailer - Official HBO UK
1 view • Feb 28, 2021
Buy Season 1-3 from Amazon UK: Download Seasons 1-3 from iTunes UK: Created by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), The Newsroom takes a behind-the-scenes look at a tumultuous cable-news program at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) Network, focusing on the on- and off-camera lives of its acerbic anchor (Jeff Daniels), executive producer (Emily Mortimer), their newsroom staff (John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Olivia Munn, Dev Patel and others), news-division boss (Sam Waterston) and parent- company CEO and president (Jane Fonda and Chris Messina). When we last visited the newsroom, Barack Obama has just been re-elected, and Will and Mac announced their engagement after their resignations (in the wake of the Genoa debacle) were refused. Starting some five months after the end of S2, the final season of The Newsroom will encompass several real-life news stories while focusing on two major fictional story arcs: the possible takeover and fight for control of ACN, and the repercussions that follow Neal’s receipt of confidential documents leaked by a mystery government source (a la Edward Snowden). As subpoenas are served and hostile-takeover rumours fly, The Newsroom team redoubles its efforts to “do the news well” in an increasingly competitive digital universe where tweets and Instagrams often trump old-fashioned professionalism. Like HBO UK on Facebook: Follow HBO UK on Twitter: Subscribe to HBO UK on YouTube:
The Newsroom
A behind-the-scenes look at the people who make a nightly cable-news program. Focusing on a network anchor, his new executive producer, the newsroom staff and their boss, the series tracks their quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles-not to mention their own personal entanglements.

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