East Los High
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Season 4

Jul 15, 2016

The seniors get ready for graduation and saying goodbye to East Los High. When school is out for the summer, the new Bomb Squad heads off to dance camp with sexy newcomers who tempt Gina and Eddie’s relationship, on and off the dance floor. Camila and Jesus rekindle their love affair and must fight against the odds as they attempt to live a crime-free life. Ceci decides to chase her dreams, but finds that reality is tougher than she imagined, and when Jacob misbehaves, hearts are broken and the family business is threatened in more ways than one. This season, wedding bells ring while danger lurks in the streets of East LA, and the students must rise to action for what they believe in. Someone will risk it all to fight for their future and for true love, making this an unforgettable summer.

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1: Orange Is the New Brown
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 1 Comments
2: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Cholos
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 2 Comments
3: Sex With the Ex
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 3 Comments
4: Eddie's Got a Heart-On
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 4 Comments
5: We Have Obamacare!
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 5 Comments
6: Wanna Bro Job?
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 6 Comments
7: You're Dancing Like a Gringo
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 7 Comments
8: Mexican Wedding
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 8 Comments
9: I Hope She Was Worth It
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 9 Comments
10: Caliente!
Jul 15, 2016
Jacob's BRO party gets out of control when the Bomb Squad performs a scandalous number that lands Gina in hot water.
Episode 10 Comments
11: Ride or Die
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 11 Comments
12: You're Free Now
Jul 15, 2016
Episode 12 Comments