Season 4
Voltron: Legendary Defender
6 EPISODES • 2017
As Voltron builds a coalition of rebel forces who are eager to battle the Galra, divisions within the evil empire further threaten its stability.

Season 3


1: Code of Honor
Oct 13, 2017
Keith's divided attentions cause tension within the team at a time when unity is crucial. The Blades investigate a Galra supply route.
2: Reunion
Oct 13, 2017
Pidge gets information that prompts her to embark on an important solo mission to the far reaches of the universe.
3: Black Site
Oct 13, 2017
An internal struggle for power erupts within the Galra. Pidge returns to the castle with some precious cargo. The team gets a cow.
4: The Voltron Show!
Oct 13, 2017
Coran gets carried away with turning the Paladins into intergalactic stars when he designs an elaborate, effects-filled live tour of the universe.
5: Begin the Blitz
Oct 13, 2017
Team Voltron devises a plan to continue the coalition's momentum and take control of more Galra territory. Lotor makes a big move.
6: A New Defender
Oct 13, 2017
Forces of good and evil converge on the planet Naxzela, where Voltron faces unforeseen danger only one Paladin can help them escape.
Season 5
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