Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Season 2

Jan 20, 2017

Allura, Coran and the Paladins join allies old and new as they continue to fight the evil leader Zarkon with valor, ingenuity and humor.

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1: Across the Universe
Jan 20, 2017
The lions get separated when a trip through a wormhole goes awry, while Coran and Allura scramble to break free of a seemingly endless time loop.
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2: The Depths
Jan 20, 2017
Hunk and Lance crash-land underwater and follow a mermaid to a civilization whose queen promises to keep them safe and help find the others.
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3: Shiro's Escape
Jan 20, 2017
After being saved from a dangerous situation by an unexpected ally, Shiro urges the rest of the team to trust his rescuer.
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4: Greening the Cube
Jan 20, 2017
While making repairs to the castle, the Paladins encounter unusual spongy spores that lead them to a planet of brilliant engineers.
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5: Eye of the Storm
Jan 20, 2017
Exhausted after a battle, the crew must spring back into action when Zarkon's forces track them down. Coran gets infected by a slippery virus.
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6: The Ark of Taujeer
Jan 20, 2017
Four of the Paladins head to a ravaged planet called Taujeer to help the citizens escape, while Allura and Keith go off on a separate mission.
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7: Space Mall
Jan 20, 2017
Shiro attempts to create a deeper bond with the Black Lion, while Coran takes the others to a swap meet, where they have some strange adventures.
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8: The Blade of Marmora
Jan 20, 2017
Keith and Shiro travel to a hard-to-find base in an effort to align with the Blade of Marmora. Keith must fight to unlock the truth about his past.
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9: The Belly of the Weblum
Jan 20, 2017
The Paladins split up to gather resources for a showdown with Zarkon. Hunk and Keith travel into the belly of a planet-devouring creature.
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10: Escape from Beta Traz
Jan 20, 2017
Lance, Pidge and Shiro infiltrate a facility to free a prisoner of the Galra, but Lance and Shiro each think they've found the right inmate.
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11: Stayin' Alive
Jan 20, 2017
Allura travels to the Balmera to acquire a powerful crystal, but a visit from an evil beast prompts her to call on the Paladins for help.
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12: Best Laid Plans
Jan 20, 2017
After acquiring the teludav from the Olkari, the team prepares to launch the operation to defeat Zarkon and bring peace to the universe.
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13: Blackout
Jan 20, 2017
The Paladins fight an epic battle against the most powerful enemy they've ever faced, with the fate of the universe at stake.
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