Harmony with A. R. Rahman

Season 1

Aug 15, 2018

Season 1 of Harmony with A. R. Rahman was released on August 15 and consists of 5 episodes.

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1: Entering the Kalari
Aug 15, 2018
As A R Rahman sets out on his search for rare Indian sounds he starts close to home, in the tranquility of Kerala. At the Kerala Kalamandalam, just outside Thrissur, he discovers the Mizhavu, a temple drum, whose striking, powerful sounds accompany the performance art of Koodiyattam. Featuring Kalamandalam Sajith Vijayan, an artist who strongly believes that it is a divine force.
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2: Looking at the Swar
Aug 15, 2018
In the bustling suburb of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, A R Rahman encounters the ancient, classical musical instrument, Rudra Veena. The haunting tones of the Rudra Veena form the background for this episode, as we learn what it takes to preserve a centuries old heritage. The episode features Ustad Mohi Baha’uddin Dagar, who practices this instrument in the Dhrupad tradition.
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3: Listening to Nature
Aug 15, 2018
In India's north eastern state of Manipur there exists a rich and colourful tradition of folk song, collectively called the Khunung Eshei. In this episode A R Rahman experiences and learns more about this infectious and vibrant art form. Featuring the powerful voice of Lourebam Bedabati, one of the champions of Khunung Eshei, who has found her purpose in reviving this dying tradition.
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4: Achuley: We are all one
Aug 15, 2018
A R Rahman ends his search for rare Indian sounds high in the mountains of Sikkim. Here he seeks the performer of the Pangthong Palith, a bamboo flute that originated from the Lepchas, an indigenous tribe of aborigines who live in the mountains. Featuring Mickma Tshering Lepcha, the flute is believed to earn any player the favour of the Gods.
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5: Mann Mauj Mein - Heart is in Ecstasy
All the artistes travel down to A R Rahman's studio in Chennai, where the master composer brings out the distinctive qualities of each of their musical traditions in one harmonious arrangement. Intent on showcasing the musical diversity of India, this composition maintains the unique sound of each instrument and artist, while also blending them together to create a rich, superlative melody.