Season 3
Creative Galaxy

Season 3 of Creative Galaxy was originally scheduled for release around May 2024, but due to unexpected delays, the exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

The good news is that Creative Galaxy is still in active production, and an exciting announcement is expected in the near future.

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Season 2


1: Arty's Holiday Masterpiece
Arty makes a special cookie ornament to surprise his family. But, it magically comes to life and runs away, leading Arty on an adventure helping his friends prepare for their own holiday celebrations.
2: Come Back, Winter!
Jackson and Annie are coming to play in the snow with Arty! But when they discover the snow’s too muddy play in, Captain Paper helps them find a way to make snow to play in!
3: Arty's Arthouse
Arty and his friends build a fort, and the outside is art-tastic…but the inside is BLAH! They fly to Buildora where they learn to make mixed media self portraits
4: Lunar New Year (1)
When Juju sees Arty’s lion head costume for the Lunar New Year Parade, she gets scared and won't go! On Fabrictopia, Fabiana uses art to make the lion’s face look friendly so Juju isn’t afraid.
5: Lunar New Year (2)
After some wet weather all the lanterns, banners and fireworks for the parade are ruined! The kids and Captain Paper make lanterns, banners, and confetti poppers to save their Lunar New Year parade!
6: Taking Care of Splatter
Arty and Epiphany can't wait to take care of Jackson’s dog Splatter! But when Splatter only wants to play with Baby Georgia’s favorite stuffie, Arty goes to Fabrictopia and creates a toy that’s just right for her!
7: Mom's Overnight Trip
Mom leaves for an overnight work trip and Arty really misses her! He and Dad fly to Sculpturon where Seraphina shows him how to make shadow box art, helping Arty feel so much better!
8: Galaxy Day
After a big storm, Arty and his friends discover the library has been ruined! The kids race into the Creative Galaxy to gather supplies to help fix it, but soon realize that all the planets have been impacted by the storm too! Together they help the Galaxy... with art!
9: Epiphany's Jungle Jar
Epiphany wants to put real animals in her jungle jar but critters from nature need to stay in nature. They heads to Drawopolis where Sketch and Pablo help her make animals that can stay in her jungle jar home!
10: A Playdate Adventure
Dad’s needs his tablet back but Arty, Epiphany and Eureka really want to keep playing their game! On Sculpturon, Seraphina helps them create a life-sized version of the game- with art!
11: Baby Georgia'a Art Dance
When Annie comes over, Arty stops playing art freeze dance with Baby Georgia. Dad takes Baby Georgia to Groovopolis where Melody teaches them how to use their whole bodies to make art AND dance!
12: The Art-tacular Galaxy
Mom is sick and Arty wants to do something that will make her smile and laugh! On Drawopolis, Sketch and Captain Paper help him create some art-tastic magic tricks he can perform for Mom!
13: Family Day Snack-off
It's the Family Snack-Off! Things turn sour when Jackson and his brother Salvador can’t agree on what to make. Chef Zesty teaches them about flavor balance, helping them make something yummy and creative!
14: The Family Day Picnic
It's too hot to play at the Family Day picnic. Arty’s family flies to Buildora where the Builders help them create a cool way to get families to stay and play at the picnic!
15: Sleepover on Museo (1)
Arty and his friends go to Museo for a sleepover. But before they can sleep, Gallaria has a game that takes them on an art search, leading them to a super sleepover surprise at the end!
16: Sleepover on Museo (2)
Arty, Juju, and Jackson meet a baby monkey who has wandered out of her artwork! As they try to find her home, Arty and friends meet characters from other works of art that help guide them in their quest!
17: Arty and Juju's Movie Masterpiece
Arty and Juju are making a movie! They try everything to stop Epiphizilla, but can’t! On Paintoria, Pablo helps them make something sticky to stop Epiphizilla and save the ending of their movie!
18: Captain Blah!
Arty and Annie are putting on an art show when Captain Blah takes all the art! They find him and learn he took it because doesn’t think he’s an artist. They show him he is and can even be in the art show!
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