Tokyo Alice

Season 1

Aug 25, 2017

Season 1 of Tokyo Alice was released on August 25 and consists of 12 episodes.


1: Shopping 1
Aug 25, 2017
Fu Arisugawa is more interested in shopping than she is in love. Mizuho Haneda is a novice manga artist who just broke up with her boyfriend. Doctor Rio Sakuragawa is popular, but refuses to go out with anybody. Sayuri Enjyoji is a lady who goes out on arranged dates every week. Enjyoji tells the others that she is getting married and wants to have fun while she's still single.
2: Shopping 2
Aug 25, 2017
Fu is now dating Mr. Odagiri. Mizuho shows the manga she'd been working on to Wakui, who makes her cry. Without thinking, Wakui kisses Mizuho. Rio is being hit on by a nurse, Atsuto Izumi. She tells him that she's not interested. Rio already has feelings for someone, but it's a case of unrequited love. Enjyoji wants to enjoy romance and have sex with many different people before marriage.
3: Shopping 3
Sep 1, 2017
Enjyoji brings home all sorts of men. Mizuho is thrilled to draw a new manga series. Odagiri buys Fu expensive clothes. While on a date with Okuzono, Enjyoji asks him whether he doesn't actually have feelings for Fu. Okuzono loses his composure. Kaoru Hiyama, Okuzono's college friend, shows up. Enjyoji judges Hiyama to be the worst man ever. Fu and Odagiri haven't even kissed yet.
4: Shopping 4
Sep 8, 2017
Fu and Odagiri fail to consummate the relationship at the hotel. Odagiri confesses that he can't stand sex. Mizuho was planning to date Wakui, but she is now, once again, alone. While coming home together with Rio, Mizuho meets Izumi. Enjyoji, Hiyama, Fu, and Okuzono go out drinking together. Hiyama forcibly kisses Enjyoji. Fu notices that her feelings toward Okuzono are changing.
5: Shopping 5
Sep 15, 2017
While continuing to date Odagiri, Fu feels more and more out of place. Izumi gets closer to Mizuho, and a nice chemistry develops between them. Once she realizes this, Rio becomes apprehensive regarding the matter. Meanwhile, Fu and Okuzono begin to view each other differently... Fu comes to a decision regarding Odagiri.
6: Shopping 6
Sep 22, 2017
Okuzono confesses his feelings to Fu. In a fit of confusion, she runs away without giving a reply. Rio meets her childhood friend, Shinonome Ken (24). Izumi, who is unable to give up on Rio, spends the night with Mizuho. Enjyoji accepts Hiyama's invitation and willingly becomes his sexual prisoner.
7: Shopping 7
Sep 29, 2017
Now that she's dating Okuzono, everything surrounding Fu seems to sparkle and shine. Rio is cheering her on, but something seems to be troubling her. Having doubts about her relationship status with Izumi, Mizuho questions him about Rio. The preparations for Enjyoji's wedding continue, even while she's enjoying her time with Hiyama.
8: Shopping 8
Oct 6, 2017
Despite having bought special underwear for the occasion and looking forward to her first time with Okuzono, things don't turn out as Fu had hoped. Okuzono's ex-girlfriend, Tamaki Sawamura (29), also appears and further complicates things for Fu. Mizuho and Izumi's relationship escalates even further. Meanwhile, Okuzono and Fu take a trip to a hot spring...
9: Shopping 9
Oct 13, 2017
After absentmindedly kissing Fu, Rio tells her it was a joke, thus keeping her feelings hidden. Mizuho decides to break up with Izumi after he becomes violent with her. Enjyoji denies her feelings for Hiyama as the day of her wedding approaches. However, a miracle happens!
10: Shopping 10
Oct 20, 2017
Enjyoji and Hiyama are to be wed in Paris. Fu and the others rejoice. Rio, and even Shinonome, move into the house in Daikanyama. Rio feels comfortable being together with Shinonome. Fu meets Yusuke Kashii (32), a photographer, at work. Furthermore, Mizuho discovers that she's pregnant!
11: Shopping 11
Oct 27, 2017
Mizuho decides to raise her and Izumi's child alone. Knowing that Okuzono is not planning to get married, Fu's relationship becomes strained. Shinonome proposes to Rio, but Rio cannot give a reply. While Okuzono's ex is making a move on him, Fu spends time together with Kashii, with whom she shares many of the same hobbies.
12: Shopping 12
Nov 3, 2017
Thinking that Okuzono's feelings for Tamaki have returned, Fu wants to take a break from her relationship with him. Seeing the state Fu is in, Mizuho and Rio decide to act. Enjyoji returns from Paris. Will Fu and Okuzono decide to get married?! Fu, Enjyoji, Rio, and Mizuho... What kind of happiness will the four stray Alices find?