Quark Science
Season 2

Season 1

Apr 2, 2018

Season 1 of Quark Science was released on April 2 and consists of 6 episodes.


1: Everything and Nothing
Apr 2, 2018
This award-winning film takes us on an epic journey to uncover the true size of the smallest particles in nature and the science of empty space, which scientists now believe is teeming with energy and exotic matter. Part science, part philosophy, and part history, this film offers a gripping and spectacular exploration of cutting-edge science with one of the greatest science TV hosts in our time.
2: The Amazing World of Gravity
Apr 2, 2018
From the award-winning British team that brought you Everything and Nothing and The Secret Life of Chaos comes a unique television event on the physics of gravity. This film features unexpected historical insights, cutting-edge science and exciting new experiments. From Einstein's Relativity to quantum mechanics, host Jim Al-Khalili explores one of the most extraordinary phenomena in our universe.
3: The Secret Life of Chaos
Apr 2, 2018
Chaos Theory conjures up images of nature gone haywire. But there is a fascinating and hidden side to Chaos, one that scientists are only now beginning to understand. In his continued exploration of the laws of nature, the host of "Everything and Nothing," Jim Al-Khalili shows that Chaos Theory addresses a question humankind has asked for millennia. How did we get here?
4: Order and Disorder
Apr 2, 2018
Jim Al-Khalili reveals how humanity discovered the rules that drive the universe and mastered the two most important concepts of the modern age - energy and information. As a follow on to the film Everything and Nothing: The Science of Empty Space, this award-winning science show investigates a set of laws, from Einstein's General Relativity to quantum mechanics, that link the universe together.
5: Sonic Magic: The Wonder of Science and Sound
Apr 2, 2018
How has sound has shaped our history? It has the power to charm, annoy, and even change history. A strange phenomenon called cymatics has also created a new scientific mystery.
6: The Mystery of Dark Matter
Apr 2, 2018
Dark matter cannot be seen directly, yet it appears to populate the cosmos on a massive scale. This film portrays the wild scientific quest surrounding this strange unknown substance. Today, astrophysicists and cosmologists are joining forces to understand what it is. Their efforts, recalling the great scientific revolutions of the past, could totally change the way we perceive the universe.