Season 2
Mind the Malhotras
10 EPISODES • 2022
In Mind the Malhotras Season 2, Rishabh works on a merger that will make him a millionaire. But as Shefali embarks on a career as an online Chef and begins to rack up followers, the demands of being a family clash with individual goals. Rishabh and Shefali need therapy more than ever. Chaos ensues when rather than acknowledging this, they seek out Dr. Gulfam behind each other's back.

Season 1


1: Meet The Malhotras
Aug 12, 2022
A merger is announced between Malhotra and Sons and a Japanese company, and Rish has grand plans for his family. Shefali has started a cooking channel, which is rapidly growing. Dia is studying for the SAT exam, Jia has become an influencer, and Yoyo has developed a passionate interest in environment conservation. Conflict arises when individual goals clash with the demands of being a family.
2: Birthday Bumps
Aug 12, 2022
Rish makes an important decision without consulting Shefali. To help resolve the issues in their marriage, Shefali takes help from a familiar face, Dr. Gulfam. Rish’s attempt to make things up to Shefali on her birthday backfires as a most unexpected guest attends the dinner – no other than Shefali’s unforgettable ex-boyfriend, Rishabh Jain.
3: A Tale Of Two Rishabhs
Aug 12, 2022
Rish reacts badly to the attention Shefali is getting from Rishabh Jain. However, his attempt to win her over with her favourite dessert is a disaster. He makes a grand gesture for Shefali on the day of Yohan’s protest, but in typical Rish style, his efforts manifest as something else entirely
4: Love Triangles
Aug 12, 2022
Rish is distressed that Zoru got engaged without consulting him. Shefali and Rishabh Jain go shopping together, and Rish admits his jealousy to Dr. Gulfam. Mummyji is reluctant to introduce her boyfriend, Roshan to the family, while Jia and Rocky fight over her new friend, Adi. Shefali learns an enormous secret about Rishabh Jain and his cousin, Saurabh.
5: The Secret Lives Of Rish And Shef
Aug 12, 2022
Jia is confused about her changing relationship with Adi. Shefali is now keeping not one, not two, but three secrets from Rish. Shefali and Rishabh Jain grow closer, which makes Rish extremely insecure. With Zoru as his spy, he attempts to find out the truth, but in the process, discovers Mummyji and Roshan together.
6: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Aug 12, 2022
Rish reaches Dr. Gulfam’s office and finds Shefali there. The ex-chairman of the society, Mr. Jethmalani has gotten to know Rishabh Jain’s secret and outs him. Rish struggles to accept Roshan, even though it costs him professionally. Shefali comments on a social media post of a well-known Chef and begins to be trolled. Jia and Adi discuss their new relationship.
7: Trials and Errors
Aug 12, 2022
Zoru accuses Rish of not having time for him. Rish and Shefali go to Dr. Gulfam together for the first time since they both restarted therapy. Shefali challenges Chef Maria to a cook off and tests out the menu on her family. Jia seeks advice on her relationship with Adi and Rocky. Rish gives Roshan a chance, but his opinion of him sours even more.
8: Shef/Maria
Aug 12, 2022
The cook-off between Shefali and Chef Maria takes place, with the entire Malhotra family in attendance. Both Shefali and Chef Maria must cook and plate up the same menu, which will then be awarded points by a group of judges - one of which turns out to be no other than Akhil Gupta, Bharat Gupta's fatalist son. Dia gives her SAT exam and meets a fellow nerd called Yug.
9: #Zorukijoru
Aug 12, 2022
Shefali’s followers surge after the cook-off. Dia goes on her first date with Yug. Zoru’s wedding plans encourage Rishabh Jain to make a decision about his future. Jia is determined to choose between Adi and Rocky.
10: Be Positive
Aug 12, 2022
SheftheChef is finally taking off, and Shefali is on her way to becoming a celebrity chef with her own cafe. Dia gets her SAT results. Rish receives devastating news, which drastically affects his future plans. At a grand dinner to celebrate the success of SheftheChef, Rish stumbles upon a pregnancy test – but he has no clue who it belongs to.
Season 3
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