Sentosha: Battle Wheels
Season 2

Season 1

Oct 6, 2017

Season 1 of Sentosha: Battle Wheels was released on October 6 and consists of 5 episodes.


1: Massing the Troops
Oct 6, 2017
In the 19th year of Heisei, a glamorous castle was built overnight at the foot of Mount Fuji. Protecting this fortress is a fleet of eight battle cars imported at considerable expense. Leading this unconquerable army corps is the young warlord, Chihara Junior! In the meantime, news of Junior's castle reached the Hamada Army, led by the lecherous general, Masatoshi Hamada.
2: The Outbreak of War
Oct 13, 2017
The confrontation between battle cars finally begins! The first round is: "Stop at the very last moment." All foot soldiers from both armies will compete in a one-on-one battle to see which battle car can stop closest to the wall. A cliff at a 60-degree angle awaits those who break through the wall. You might die!
3: Ferocity
Oct 20, 2017
The second round of "You might die" is "The Road to Hell." It's a timed race where the foot soldiers will be confronted by various traps! Sata, begs for a chance to change his battle car, because he is afraid of destroying his rare and precious Nissan Laurel. Hamada's army retreats, leading to something surprising.
4: Foolhardiness
Oct 27, 2017
It's the climax of the second round, "The Road to Hell," and the beginning of the third round, "Romantic flight." This is a battle car long jump competition in which competitors compete for distance from a jumping base. The army whose battle car jumps the farthest wins. There will be a lot of unprecedented imagery. You really might die...
5: Conclusion
Nov 3, 2017
With few fighting cars left, the final battle between the two armed forces, "Round Four: Sumo Death," begins. The battle cars crash into each other until one of the vehicles is pushed outside the circle, or rendered unable to continue the battle. The great feud between Hamada and Junior's Armies will finally be settled!