Season 2

Season 1

May 1, 2020

Season 1 of Upload was released on May 1 and consists of 10 episodes.

Episode Ratings


1: Welcome to Upload
May 1, 2020
After a self-driving car crash, Nathan is uploaded to Lakeview, his girlfriend’s family’s digital after-life, where he meets his customer service rep, Nora.
2: Five Stars
May 1, 2020
Nora tries to get her ratings up, so her boss will approve her dad’s upload loan. Nathan acclimates to his new world with the help of a Lakeview therapist.
3: The Funeral
May 1, 2020
Scientists attempt to download a consciousness back into a clone body. Nathan attends his own funeral and Nora uncovers a mystery surrounding his death.
4: The Sex Suit
May 1, 2020
Nora thinks she may have misjudged Nathan. Nathan and his girlfriend Ingrid are interviewed about the challenges of romance between a living person and an Upload.
5: The Grey Market
May 1, 2020
Nora’s Dad’s vape lung worsens while Nathan, his friend Luke, and Dylan, an uploaded teen whose body is not keeping up with his age, visit a hacker’s market in cyberspace.
6: The Sleepover
May 1, 2020
Nathan is thrown when Nora goes on a Nitely date. Ingrid invites Nathan’s niece for a sleepover. Nathan and Nora suspect his damaged memories may lead to a greater conspiracy. Luke gets into a fight with Aleesha.
7: Bring Your Dad to Work Day
May 1, 2020
Nathan takes Nora’s dad on a do-or-die upload decision tour, but things go awry when Luddites sabotage Lakeview. Nora does some sleuthing on Lucy’s computer in the confusion.
8: Shopping Other Digital After-Lives
May 1, 2020
After a surprising revelation, Nathan shops for a new digital after-life. Nora travels to LA to help Ingrid stop him from leaving Lakeview.
9: Update Eve
May 1, 2020
The Uploads are looking forward to the improvements in the new Lakeview Operating System. Nathan and Nora stay up late to recover Nathan’s missing memories.
10: Freeyond
May 1, 2020
Nathan’s restored memories and shifting emotional allegiances put Nora in physical danger.