Season 1
Small Town Monsters: CaseFiles
7 EPISODES • 2017
The webseries from Small Town Monsters. Casefiles will explore the hidden stories behind films we've made about the Mothman, Minerva Monster, the Beast of Whitehall, Boggy Creek Monster, Champ, the Chestnut Ridge UFO/Bigfoot wave, and much more.


1: Indrid Cold
Nov 2, 2017
Meet the man called Indrid Cold. One night on a lonely stretch of highway just outside of Parkersburg, WV a businessman on his way home from work encountered a telepathic alien being. In the months to follow bizarre activity erupted around the area. Most notably, in the form of a flying, red-eyed figure known as The Mothman. But whatever became of Woodrow Derenbeger and his family after that fateful night?
2: The Secret History of the Boggy Creek Monster
Nov 9, 2017
For decades -possibly, centuries- the Fouke Monster has stalked the creeks, roads and waterways of Miller County, Arkansas. Now, learn some of the lesser-known tales of run-ins with the furious beast that inspired one of the most influential horror films of all time!
3: Unlocking the Abair Incident
Nov 16, 2017
For many, the Abair Incident (examined in Small Town Monster's Beast of Whitehall) was simply a string a Bigfoot sightings spread over one week in 1976. However, investigators of the paranormal know that something far more bizarre was taking place. In addition to hairy creatures, an outbreak of UFO reports erupted around Whitehall at the same time, leading many to wonder if perhaps the area was a window to something far more sinister...
4: UFOs of the Ridge
Nov 23, 2017
Invasion on Chestnut Ridge explored the history of strange craft seen in the skies of Pennsylvania, but there's so much more to the story. Stan Gordon discusses the various types of sightings, craft and lights that have been seen along with one particularly bizarre account of a "flying iPad in the sky".
5: The Mothman's Lair
Nov 30, 2017
In 1966 and 1967 a red-eyed, winged being was seen over 100 times near the town of Point Pleasant, WV. Many of the most infamous sightings occurred in and around an abandoned munitions manufacturing facility known as the TNT area. Now, learn about the truly bizarre history of this location; from it's hidden native burial sites to its ties to Area 51!
6: Traces of the Boggy Creek Monster
Dec 7, 2017
In the late 60's and early 70's, reports of a hairy, bipedal "monster" stalking the swamps of Southern Arkansas began to surface. Thought by many to be little more than a fable or folktale, the Boggy Creek Monster has become one of the south's most famous legend. But what does it mean, when a legend leaves behind evidence of its existence?
7: The Kecksburg Incident
Dec 14, 2017
Through eyewitness testimony and an in-depth interview with investigator, Stan Gordon, this episode of Casefiles takes you deep into one of the most famous UFO crashes in history. Witness the birth of paranormal phenomena along the infamous Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania. This episode acts as a companion to Invasion on Chestnut Ridge.
Season 2
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