The Kicks

Season 1

Aug 26, 2016

Season 1 of The Kicks was released on August 26 and consists of 10 episodes.

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1: Pilot
Aug 26, 2016
Devin Burke was the star player on her soccer team back home until her family moved to California. Devin rises to the challenge after discovering that her new school team has been on a losing streak and is badly in need of a leader to turn things around. A rivalry begins between Devin and her teammate, Mirabelle.
2: There's No I in Team
Aug 26, 2016
Devin tries out for a high level Club Soccer team and is excited by the coach's positive feedback. Her parents won't let her play for both team so Devin quits The Kicks in favor of the more skilled Club team. When she doesn't make the Club roster, Devin has to get back in the good graces of The Kicks whose feelings she initially hurt.
3: You Win Some, You Lose Some
Aug 26, 2016
When The Kicks find out that their coach can no longer coach them due to a family emergency they go on a search for a new coach. If they don't find one in time they won't be allowed to practice and will be forced to forfeit their first game. Upon discovering a suitable candidate, Kentville's head custodian, The Kicks have to convince him to accept the position.
4: Chosing Sides
Aug 26, 2016
Coach Rivas has made it clear Zoe is the weak link on the team, so Devin takes it upon herself to improve Zoe's goalie skills. Mirabelle, in contrast, recruits a new goalie that she's met in detention who is clearly a far better at being a goalie than Zoe. Things come to a head when at a mandatory slumber party, Devin is forced to be a true leader and make the best choice for the team and Zoe.
5: Take The Field
Aug 26, 2016
With The Kicks field in such poor condition, Coach Rivas is concerned for the safety of his players. After a failed fundraiser, Coach Rivas gets the idea to challenge the boys to a scrimmage with the winner gaining full access to the nice turf field that the boys currently use. With the good field at stake, the girls train hard to prepare to play the boys.
6: Head Games
Aug 26, 2016
Devin is faced with a personal crisis when her soccer lucky headband goes missing and she starts playing terrible. She attributes all her bad luck to losing the head band and her teammates must figure out a way to calm her nerves before The Kicks lose too many games.
7: Go Big Or Go Home
Aug 26, 2016
The Kicks uniforms are beginning to fall apart so Coach Rivas plans a trip to an out of town tournament for the chance to earn the team new jerseys. Complications arise when Devin and Mirabelle stay out past curfew and don't make it back to their hotel room in time.
8: Breakaway
Aug 26, 2016
Devin is getting punished at home and at school for breaking curfew. Mom and Dad take away her cell phone, computer, and TV which leaves Bailey in charge of receiving and relaying all messages to Devin. Mirabelle's punishment and is told she'll be transferring schools. The Kicks have to scramble to make sure they don't lose their teammate for good.
9: The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Aug 26, 2016
Reeling from the news of losing their coach to their rival school, Pinewood Academy, The Kicks engage in a prank war. The pranks escalate forcing Coach Rivas to step in and deal with The Kicks anger. At the end of year banquet, the girls have cooled down, and make peace with Coach Rivas. Coach Rivas in return gives a heartfelt speech and a surprise gift for the team.
10: No Pain, No Gain
Aug 26, 2016
Devin's ankle is badly hurt, but she believes that if she can keep it a secret from the team and Coach Rivas they will allow her to play in the biggest game of the year against Pinewood Academy. In order to protect Devin the team tells Coach Rivas about the injury who in return decides to bench Devin for the game.