Season 4
December 2020
Slasher is still in production and season 4 is expected to be released in December 2020.

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May 23, 2019
As the presence of The Druid looms over the apartment complex – already a powder keg filled with new immigrants, white supremacists, obnoxious hipsters, and toxic marriages – the hatred and dark secrets that fester among the residents comes to a horrifying boiling point.
Guilty Party
Oct 17, 2017
Set in the remote Canadian winter wilderness, the story revolves around a group of former summer camp counselors who are forced to return to the isolated campground to retrieve evidence of a crime they committed in their youth. Before long the group, and the camp’s latest inhabitants, members of a spiritual retreat with their own secrets to hide, find themselves targeted by someone – or something – out for horrific revenge.
The Executioner
Mar 4, 2016
When Sarah Bennett returns to the small town where she was born and her parents were killed, she is plunged into a new, even bloodier murder mystery as history starts to repeat itself.

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