Season 1
13 EPISODES • 2015
Season 1 of Wishenpoof! was released on August 13 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Welcome to Wish World
Aug 13, 2015
Presenting...Bianca! Bianca's class is having a talent show, and Bianca is ready to take the stage. But her friends Penelope and Charlie are feeling discouraged. Bianca tries to use her Wish Magic to help, but ultimately, needs to be a good friend.
2: Willow Tree Wishes
Aug 13, 2015
When Bianca and her best friends don't agree on what to play, the sparks (and Wish Magic) fly! Bianca and her friends need to learn to listen to each other...before things get out of control!
3: Bianca's Passion Project
Aug 13, 2015
Bianca's teacher challenges the students to explore their passion, and Bianca knows her passion...outer space! With just a little Wish Magic, Bianca explores the galaxy with her beloved Bob the Bear (now, Bob the astronaut) by her side. When she comes back down to earth (literally), she learns that she can also explore her passion without Wish Magic.
4: Bianca and Penelope's Clubhouse
Aug 13, 2015
Charlie and Oliver have built their very own clubhouse in the park...but they won't let Bianca and Penelope play in it! Bianca and Penelope decide to make their OWN clubhouse. But can they build one? Penelope and Bianca will have to dig in their heels, and work together to create the clubhouse of their dreams- one step at a time!
5: Frank's Pet Froovle
Aug 13, 2015
Meet...Froovle! Frank has an adorable, fuzzy, fun-loving new pet, Froovle, and Bianca and Laurel are excited! But the kids quickly learn that they need to pay attention since there's more to Froovle than meets the eye! They are launched into a wild goose (or Froovle) chase to track down the unpredictable pet!
6: Bianca Gets Creative
Aug 13, 2015
Bianca is playing with her friends at school when Violet starts being mean to Penelope. Penelope doesn't stand up for herself, so Bianca steps up to say something and make it right.
7: Bianca's Tough Kid Challenge
Aug 13, 2015
Miss Bridget has created a 'Tough Kid Challenge' for the kids to complete at school, but will Bianca be tough enough? With a little help from her friends, and a whole lot of determination, Bianca will overcome the obstacles and come out on top!
8: Bianca's Great Cake Mistake
Aug 13, 2015
Fairy Grandma is coming to visit, and Bianca decides to welcome her by making a fantastic rainbow cake with puffy cloud frosting. But when Bianca's baking project gets out of hand, she'll try to use her Wish Magic to battle the batter! Will Fairy Grandma get her treat?
9: Bianca's Big Idea
Aug 13, 2015
Bianca is excited for "Big Ideas Day" at school, and creates yarn bracelets to trade with the rest of the students. But when her classmates don't seem to be interested in Bianca's handiwork, she needs to come up with an even BIGGER idea to dazzle her classmates...without Wish Magic.
10: Adventure To Fairy Grandma's House
Aug 13, 2015
Bianca and her family set off into Wish World for a visit to Fairy Grandma's house. But instead of going over the river and through the woods...they have to go across a bouncy bridge, and climb a gemstone mountain! Even a run-in with an ogre won't stop Bianca from making it all the way to Fairy Grandma's house!
11: Bianca's Rainstorm Brainstorm
Aug 13, 2015
It's time for the annual Scooter Parade at school, and Bianca is hard at work decorating her musical scooter. But when the weather just won't cooperate, Bianca and her classmates will have to brainstorm until they figure out a way to have their scooter parade whatever the weather!
12: Friends Forever
Aug 13, 2015
It's...the Bianca and Bob the Bear Show! Bob the Bear takes Bianca to the part of Wish World where stuffies like him are born: The Enchanted Forest. Bianca meets a little stuffed bear named Lola, who wishes she had a best friend, just like Bianca has Bob. Will Bianca be able to make Lola's wish come true?
13: Ben's Big Surprise
Aug 13, 2015
Bianca has always been the only kid in her family with Wish Magic. However, when unexpected things start happening in Wish World, Bianca wonders...could Ben have Wish Magic? With Wish Magic, or without, Bianca learns that she and her brother are both wonderful.
Season 2
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