Season 3
On My Block
8 EPISODES • 2020
Season 3 of On My Block was released on March 11 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 2


1: Chapter Twenty-One
Mar 11, 2020
After being snatched off the street, Monse, Jamal, Ruby and Cesar come face to face with their kidnapper, who makes them an offer they can't refuse.
2: Chapter Twenty-Two
Mar 11, 2020
The group's new mission brings out Jamal's control issues. Oscar seethes when Cesar bonds with their unexpected house guest. Jasmine makes over Monse.
3: Chapter Twenty-Three
Mar 11, 2020
Jamal gets up close and personal with his suspected stalker. Ruby's moneymaking scheme violates health codes. Monse overindulges with Jasmine.
4: Chapter Twenty-Four
Mar 11, 2020
As the crew narrows down the list of suspects, Cesar asks Monse out on a real date, Ruby stresses over a growing attraction, and Jamal seeks sex advice.
5: Chapter Twenty-Five
Mar 11, 2020
While supporting Monse through a crisis, Jamal zeroes in on a new lead, and Ruby loses his cool. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to negotiate with Cuchillos.
6: Chapter Twenty-Six
Mar 11, 2020
When an old mixtape provides a major clue, the crew infiltrates a music video shoot, where confessions are made, lips are locked, and secrets revealed.
7: Chapter Twenty-Seven
Mar 11, 2020
After realizing Cuchillos's endgame, the group puts a desperate - and dangerous - plan into motion that tests the limits of their loyalty and friendship.
8: Chapter Twenty-Eight
Mar 11, 2020
A fraught hike into the woods and a startling discovery pushes the crew toward some difficult decisions that will change their friendship - and future.
Season 4
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