Season 1
Fukuyadou Honpo: Kyoto Love Story
12 EPISODES • 2016
Season 1 of Fukuyadou Honpo: Kyoto Love Story was released on October 19 and consists of 12 episodes.


1: Kyoto Love Story
Oct 19, 2016
Arare is the free-spirited second daughter of the Fukuyoshi family. One day, she is ordered by her mother, Komako, to marry her sister's fiance, Kenji, and take over the business. The elder sister, Hana, was supposed to run the shop but instead decided to marry Hinoyama, a handsome businessman. Arare refuses to do as her mother says and runs from home.
2: Feelings That Don't Get Across
Oct 19, 2016
Arare refuses her mother's order and runs away from home. One day, Hinoyama visits her workplace to tell her that he will marry her sister without dating. Arare lives in a rented apartment, and Kenji comes to visit. Around the same time, Hina receives a proposal from her first love and Kabuki actor, Shojuro.
3: Trembling Heart
Oct 26, 2016
Arare is shocked to hear that Kenji loved her. Unsure of his thoughts, Arare visits Fukuyadou. Kenji treats her the same as he did before, which makes her anxious. She ends up venting her anger at Hina. Hina couldn't make up her mind between her fiance, Hinoyama, and her first love, Shojuro. Hana is appointed organizer for the school event together with Iori.
4: Determined to Love
Nov 2, 2016
Arare asks Kenji about his true feelings. At the same time, she is informed that Komako has been hospitalized. They have no choice but to temporarily close down Fukuyadou Honpo while Komako is in the hospital. Hina asks Hinoyama why he chose her as his wife. Arare visits her mother in the hospital, but ends up being in a fight about taking over the business.
5: First Steps
Nov 9, 2016
Arare has begun training as the successor, but still has trouble dressing in a kimono and cooking. Kenji asks Hina to make a staff cookbook for Arare. A mysterious woman gives Hinoyama's handkerchief to Hana to give to Hina. Hana is embarrassed when Iori tells her she's cute. Iori visits Hana to return her pencil case. Komako decides to test Iori's tea skills.
6: White Lies
Nov 16, 2016
Arare is depressed because Kenji scolds her. She is unsure of his feelings when he said he loved her. Sei cheers her up saying they look good together, and Arare spontaneously imagines their wedding. Hina gives Hinoyama the handkerchief she received from Shijaku, but Hinoyama rejects it, saying it is not his. Iori asks Hana on a date on Tanabata Day.
7: Conditions for Love
Nov 23, 2016
Arare is shocked to see Kenji and Hina walking together on Tanabata Day, and it frays her relationship with Kenji. Hana is also shocked that she is stood up by Iori. Iori comes to visit her, but she refuses to seehim or read his letters. Arare convinces Hana to solve this problem. Hina receives something from Shijaku via Hana and becomes extremely angry.
8: A Heart Drenched in the Rain
Nov 30, 2016
Hina and Hinoyama get married bearing mixed feelings. That night, Hina tells Hinoyama her secret. Hinoyama is confused and asks Kenji for advice. Arare is depressed to see Kenji acting like his confession did not happen. Arare visits Hinoyama with Hana and meets his mother, Tamao. Arare is surprised that she treats Hina like a maid.
9: True Feelings
Dec 7, 2016
Arare expresses her love to Kenji again, but he rejects her. She is hurt and tells Kenji to forget about it. Hina leaves the Hinoyama family and returns home. She becomes ill and spends time in bed. Komako regrets not forcing her to marry Kenji. Kenji is worried about Hina and goes to see Hinoyama. Hinoyama tells him that Hina should marry a guy like Kenji.
10: Cuddly Feelings
Dec 14, 2016
Arare and Kenji are finally together. They decide to keep it a secret due to Hina's illness, but Sei quickly notices their relationship. Hearing about the divorce, Tamao visits Hinoyama and tells him that he can't run away from his feelings. Hinoyama goes to see Hina, but Komako rejects him. Arare tells Hina that if she loves him, she should run after him.
11: Severed Bonds
Dec 21, 2016
Half a year has passed since Kenji left Fukuyadou. Arare continues to train hard to become its successor. Kenji returned home after his father, Haruki, became ill. One day, Haruki begs Kenji to come back to Osaka for good, and run the shop with his brother. Kenji decides to stay in Osaka but couldn't tell Arare. Meanwhile, Hinoyama gives Hina important news.
12: The Tied Knot
Dec 28, 2016
Arare continues her training. Her flower arrangement teacher offers her an arranged marriage. Hina and Hinoyama are happily married. Hina tells Arare that she was very happy when she heard Arare and Kenji were dating. Shijaku, who quit working as a Geisha, visits Hinoyama. Arare sees Kenji and Haruki at a shrine. On Tanabata, Hana prays to see Iori.
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